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How Currency Conversion APIs Power International E-Commerce

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International e-commerce has become an increasingly popular field lately. While global e-commerce facilitates access to global markets today, it has also brought about the complexity caused by trade between different currencies. The high-speed and accurate currency conversion process of e-commerce businesses is one of the most critical factors in their success. Businesses must be very careful with their ad-hoc pricing strategies and currency conversion when serving international customers. At this point, there are many e-commerce currency API services in the market that e-commerce platforms can choose.

E-commerce currency API services are the backbone of e-commerce applications. This service helps businesses determine pricing strategies and increase customer satisfaction by providing instant and accurate exchange rate information. Fixer, which stands out especially in the market, is one of the tools used on international e-commerce platforms and provides the most reliable exchange rate data. Additionally, thanks to Fixer, global businesses can perform currency conversions quickly and reliably. In this article, we will first talk about the importance of real-time forex data in e-commerce. Then, we will take a closer look at Fixer, the number one choice of global e-commerce businesses.

The Need for Real-Time Forex Data in E-Commerce

The rapid emergence of e-commerce into a global force for businesses has further revealed the importance of real-time foreign exchange data. The biggest complexity and challenge of global e-commerce is instantly changing exchange rates. That’s why having up-to-date and accurate currency information is a critical requirement for almost every global business. Particularly in international transactions, access to instant exchange rate data helps businesses create accurate pricing strategies. Additionally, it allows them to effectively manage business risks. It is also an important factor to ensure customer satisfaction and build trust.

The importance of having real-time forex data in e-commerce is a factor that allows businesses to increase their competitive advantage. With this data, businesses gain a great advantage in being successful in global markets. Finally, instant exchange rate information helps businesses make quick decisions. Thus, they are ahead of their competitors in communicating effectively with international customers and better adapting to dynamic market conditions.

Key Features of Fixer’s E-Commerce Currency API

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The number of web service solutions that global e-commerce businesses can use in the market is increasing day by day. Among these increasing solutions, businesses should choose web services that provide the most reliable and highest accuracy data. In this regard, Fixer’s e-commerce currency API was introduced to the market as a comprehensive solution designed to enable businesses to be more effective in international trade. One of the key features of this API is its ability to provide real-time exchange rates for over 170 currencies. With Fixer’s multi-currency support service, global businesses can do business more reliably with international customers by accessing instantly updated and accurate exchange rate data.

Fixer’s API also offers access to historical exchange rate data. It is also known as the historical exchange rates API. Fixer API provides historical forex data for 170 currencies dating back to 1999 at high speed. This feature allows businesses to easily analyze past performance for currencies. Currency fluctuation, currency conversion, and time series data help businesses predict and manage financial risks. In this way, businesses can base their trading strategies on more solid foundations and quickly adapt to market changes.

High API uptime and fast response times are an important advantage that makes Fixer’s API even more powerful. With this API, businesses can perform currency conversions quickly and reliably by gaining instant access to live exchange rates. This feature increases customer satisfaction, especially in e-commerce environments where speed is critical, while also providing businesses with a competitive advantage.

Integrating Fixer API into E-Commerce Platforms

Global e-commerce platforms need to provide access to accurate and reliable exchange rate data to be successful in international trade. In this context, the integration of Fixer API into e-commerce websites has become very important.

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Fixer API easily integrates into all programming languages, offering a user-friendly integration process. To integrate the Fixer API into e-commerce websites, it is possible to take advantage of a comprehensive integration guide offered by the API. It offers sample integration codes for popular programming languages such as PHP and JavaScript in its up-to-date and detailed documentation. It also provides data in JSON format to give developers an advantage in data parsing during integration processes.

Additionally, thanks to user-friendly documentation, developers can easily understand API endpoints. Fixer has multiple API endpoints. API endpoints that will meet almost every need of global businesses are as follows:

available endpoints of the fixer currency api

As a result, the integration of Fixer API into e-commerce platforms provides a reliable and fast exchange rate data solution for businesses trading internationally. The fact that the integration process is user-friendly and the API endpoints are clearly defined provides convenience for developers.

Success Stories in E-Commerce

Fixer has a very comprehensive service network that strengthens e-commerce platforms. This API provides quick access to accurate and up-to-date exchange rate data for businesses engaged in international e-commerce. Thanks to Fixer’s API integration, global businesses can instantly access up-to-date exchange rate information for more than 170 currencies. This allows businesses to trade with international customers more transparently and reliably, while also helping them create accurate pricing strategies.

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Another case is that it allows businesses to make strategic decisions by accessing historical exchange rate data. The historical data endpoint offered by Fixer allows businesses to analyze their previous trading performance. It also helps them plan their future trading strategies. This is a critical feature for understanding market trends and historical fluctuations, giving businesses a competitive advantage.

Lastly, another key advantage that Fixer provides to e-commerce platforms is the ability for businesses to perform fluctuation analysis among daily historical exchange rate changes offered by the time series data endpoint. This analysis allows businesses to understand and evaluate fluctuations in the value of a particular currency. This is an extremely valuable feature, especially for e-commerce businesses that want to assess the volatility of a particular market and adapt their trading strategies accordingly.


As a result, currency conversion in e-commerce has become a fundamental element of international trade. Access to accurate exchange rate data is one of the primary factors that determine the success of businesses in this field. In this context, Fixer’s integration into e-commerce platforms offers businesses many advantages such as instant updates, access to historical data, and time series analysis. Providing real-time exchange rates in more than 170 currencies helps businesses communicate more transparently with international customers and develop accurate pricing strategies.

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Q: What currencies are supported by Fixer’s API?

A: Fixer supports 170 official currencies in the world, especially USD and EURO, with high speed and accuracy. It also provides a ‘Supported Symbols Endpoint’ to its users. With this endpoint, users can access Fixer’s supported currencies in JSON format.

Q: How often is the currency data updated in Fixer’s API?

A: Fixer updates users’ currency data at different intervals for each subscription plan. It updates every 60 seconds on the Professional Plus plan while it updates hourly on the Free plan

Q: Can Fixer’s API be integrated into any e-commerce platform?

A: Yes. Thanks to its flexible structure and powerful infrastructure, it integrates into all platforms and programming languages in just a few steps. It provides detailed information for integration in its documentation.

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