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How To Classify Images Of Violence – Violence Detection

It is more important than ever in this day and age to quickly and accurately classify images of violence. With the help of AI-powered violence detection API, you can create an app that can do just that!

What is Image Classification?

Image classification is taking an image and identifying what it predicts. This can be done by a human or by a computer. Computers are typically much faster and more accurate than humans regarding image classification.

There are many different ways to classify images. One standard method is to use tags or keywords. For example, Violence Detection API could tag a photo of a person with “male”, “female”, “child”, etc. Another method is using a taxonomy, a hierarchical system for classifying things. For instance, an image of a dog could be classified under the taxonomy: “Animal > Mammal > Dog”;

Image classification can be used for a variety of purposes. One everyday use is to help organize and find images. For example, if you have an extensive collection of images, you may want to use image classification to tag them so that you can later search for specific types of images.

Another everyday use for image classification is to determine the content of an image. Platforms can use this for censorship or other purposes. For example, if you were creating an app that only allowed users to view appropriate photos.

How to Create an App That Classifies Images of Violence?

If you’re concerned about the proliferation of violence in society, you may wonder if there’s a way to create an app that can help classify images of violence. While this is certainly a noble goal, it’s important to remember that such an app would likely be subject to much scrutiny and would need to be very accurate to be helpful.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering creating such an app:

  • What kind of images would you want the app to classify? Are they just pictures of people fighting or hurt? Or would you also want it to include photos of weapons, blood, etc.? 
  • How would you obtain a large dataset of images for the app? You could try scouring the internet, but this would be time-consuming and may not yield high-quality results. 
  • Once you have a dataset, how would you train the app to classify images accurately? This is where machine learning comes in, but it can be a complex process. You may need to hire someone with expertise in this area if you do not have it yourself.
  • Would you make the app available to everyone, or just law enforcement?

What are Some Potential Benefits of Such an App?

By creating an app that classifies violent images, we can better understand the prevalence of violence in our society. This can help law enforcement and policymakers prevent future violence. Additionally, the app can help individuals to identify potential victims of violence and get them the help they need.

What is Violence Detection API?

Violence Detection: The classifier assigns a score from 1 to 5 to the content passed to it. A score of 5 indicates that the content is most likely violent, whereas a score close to 1 indicates that the content is safe to publish. In most cases, a value of 4 is sufficient.

Look at this example image here. It has a knife. It, of course, looks sharp and cold tool. Since there is an onion and other stuff, the API says it is most likely harmless. As you can see, the API is intelligent enough to differentiate and learn the context before giving you the final result.

What is Violence Detection API

The Violence Detection API by APILayer is one of the most intelligent and advanced APIs you can find.

How to Use Violence Detection API?

Integrating this Violence Detection API is straightforward. Before everything else, head to this page and get your free API access key by subscribing to the free subscription. It gives you limited access to test out the Violence Detection API.

Violence Detection API by APILayer

After signing up for a free subscription plan, you can go to the documentation page and play with the Live Demo option. Live Demo playground lets you test the service with various programming languages, like integration and parsing data.

Live Demo Playground – APILayer

In this demonstration, I will use Delphi and FireMonkey to create our Violence detection application. You can download the Delphi Community Edition here for free.

Why Delphi? Delphi, with the FireMonkey framework, you can build native and cross-platform applications using a single code base.

Delphi IDE – Compile and Deploy High-Performance Native Apps with Delphi

First, create a new multi-device application and design your user interface similar to this: 

violence detection
Multi-Device Application – Delphi

As you can see, more than 110 components are available to design and create a fully-functional application in no time.

How to Integrate an API into Your Delphi App?

Then open the REST Debugger from the Tools menu. With this REST debugger, you can connect to any RESTful web service and play with it. But this debugger does more. For instance, you can click this button after a successful connection to get your pre-configured components. Then you can drop them into your project.

violence detection
REST Debugger – APILayer Violence Detection API

With these REST client components, you need to request to make API calls. This is, of course, productive and helpful if you create apps that utilize various APIs.

Since we want to check various images for violence, we should provide a new image we have selected whenever we click that button. So double-click the button and write this code.

After writing this code, you can save and run the application to test it. Also, check out this repository [1] for the whole project source code.

violence detection api
Violence Detection API by APILayer

Moreover, check out these articles and tutorials to learn about other helpful APIs provided by the APILayer marketplace.

Why Should You Select Violence Detection API by APILayer?

In conclusion, I hope this article has helped you understand the process of creating an app that classifies images of violence. While it is a complex and potentially controversial topic, I believe that it is essential to be able to identify and classify images of violence to help prevent future acts of violence.

Head over now and get your free API access key!

[1] https://github.com/MuminjonGuru/ViolenceDetectionDemo

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