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How To Create Flight Tracker And Aviation Dashboard?

Looking to create an aviation dashboard or an online flight tracker?  If the answer is yes, then you can tap into an extensive set of aviation data, including real-time flight status, historical flights, schedules, airline routes, and airports as well as aircraft, and more. It also does it with a single simple and free API.

AviationStack API uses a strong backbone of aviation data sources. The API delivers accurate details about any global flight at any stage. It is also accurate down to the minute.

AviationStack API also uses a scalable cloud infrastructure. It is capable of handling any volume – from thousands of requests per month to millions per minute. Moreover, the AviationStack web service offers a free subscription plan to test and create your aviation data-based application. Another API which could be combined with this one is a weather data api.

AviationStack API Features

  • Airplane lookup
  • Aviation tax lookup
  • Airline lookup
  • City lookup
  • Airport lookup
  • Airline routes lookup
  • Historical flight data

How To Use aviationstack API?

Using the aviationstack API is pretty simple. You make your requests to the REST API with a straightforward HTTP GET URL structure. It responds in lightweight JSON format. 

After creating an account on AviationStack, you get your free API access key. Then, to connect to the API, you simply attach the access_key parameter with the key you get. 

Here is a sample request URL and with its response

Request call

Historical Flights, Airline Routes, Airports & more!

As we have said, the AviationStack web service has a set of API endpoints for different purposes. For instance, to get data about global airports, you can use the API’s airports endpoint. Similarly, you can use the airlines endpoint to get data about global airlines.

How To Create Cross-Platform App Using Delphi?

Using Embarcadero Delphi with the FireMonkey cross-platform native app development framework you can develop highly functional applications in under 30 seconds. Moreover, the FireMonkey App Low Code Wizard helps you create a multi-window app cross-platform app with minimum effort.


FireMonkey App Low Code Wizard

Want to get your project started quickly? The FireMonkey App Low Code Wizard generates Delphi and FireMonkey powered cross-platform applications with different screens and database functionality in no time. Moreover, the generated code shows you how to use trending modern design and coding techniques around Delphi and FireMonkey.

Rest Debugger 

If you want to integrate any RESTful web service into your Delphi FireMonkey application you can go with the REST Debugger. The REST Debugger is a tool that connects any type of RESTful web service. After successfully connecting to the web service, you can just click Copy Components and drop them to your Delphi project.

REST Debugger – JSON Root Element

Sound good to you? Get the Delphi Community Edition right now and install the FireMonkey Low Code Wizard from GetIt Package Manager to start quickly building multi-platform apps!

Download FMXALCW
Open FireMonkey App Wizard
FireMonkey App Wizard – Select app screens

How To Visually Connect Data To UI Controls?

If you want to Visually connect your data to UI controls, take a look at our Delphi FireMonkey project structure.

Delphi FireMonkey Project Structure

As you can see, you can get real data from any endpoint in design time and see what it is like! In addition, there is no need to write code to represent the fetched data. You can just use the LiveBindings Designer.

LiveBindings Designer

Furthermore, we have added several lines of code to request any query from the endpoint which shows you how to customize request calls at runtime.

App in action

Check out the full source code here.

Hope you find the AviationStack API useful! Head over now and get your free subscription plan!

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