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How to Find and Use the Best Free Public APIs

find and use the best free public APIs

Have you ever wondered why businesses today can emerge in such a short time? Many startups and applications can be made available to users in just days. The main reason behind this is that the data is ready. A ready-to-use and up-to-date data set save businesses years. Businesses usually obtain ready-made data from the API provider, which also includes free public APIs.

An API provider can be evaluated under many headings today, like the company website and open-source projects. However, when we want to see both paid and free APIs together, the concept of an API marketplace appears. Let’s take a closer look at the API marketplace concept and get to know the most popular API marketplace today.

What is the API Marketplace?

An API marketplace is a web platform where developers and businesses can find and use APIs (Application Programming Interface). It provides both paid and free open APIs. The API marketplace serves as a central hub for discovering and accessing APIs from a variety of providers.

In addition, an API marketplace can have multiple categories of open APIs. Like Food APIs for food products, a social media API for social media posts, a weather API for weather information, and a news API for news sources, etc. API marketplaces often contain API documentation for the APIs they provide. This shortens the integration process considerably.

Best Free Rest API Marketplace: APILayer

APILayer is today’s most popular best free APIs provider. It is the marketplace that millions of businesses and developers are actively using.

First of all, the biggest reason why APILayer is so popular is that it provides free API. As a RESTful API marketplace, APILayer allows free use of all APIs it offers. These are also called freemium APIs. APIs used as a free plan usually have a monthly limit. An API key is required to use these APIs. However, no payment or credit card is required for the API keys to be obtained to use the free API.

APILayer basically provides different APIs from one platform. APILayer performs API testing processes within itself. In this way, the security of these APIs, which we can use with only a simple HTTP request, is at the highest level. Additionally, most APIs available under APILayer support XML, CVS, and JSON format as return types. In this way, the integration process into the various languages takes place very quickly.

What are the Free API Categories?

APILayer is very rich in the variety of APIs it offers. There are categories suitable for almost every project that can be used in today’s technologies. These categories often have more than one alternative option.

Here is the table of APIs available under the APILayer:

collective list for categories under the APILayer

What are the Some Popular Free APIs under the APILayer?

APILayer offers the best APIs every business and developer could need. Today, many web developers develop apps using these APIs. The most popular and useful APIs listed in APILayer are:

Ipstack API: Ipstack API is one of the most popular geolocation APIs under APILayer. Its simple API provides geolocation data corresponding to the IP address. The free plan has a monthly request limit of 100 requests.

Fixer API: Fixer API is a popular currency API. Fixer API provides real-time data of 170 official currency data. It also has an endpoint that supports conversion between these currencies. The open API it provides has JSON format as its return value.

Zenserp API: Zenserp API offers a great solution for web scraping. The biggest feature of this web service is that it can easily scrape the most difficult websites to scrape. It can easily scrape websites like Google Search, Google Images, Google Videos, YouTube Search, Yandex Search, and Bing Search. Even by making sure you don’t get stuck in any obstacle.


Multiple APIs under APILayer provide great convenience to businesses and developers. The free APIs it provides provide a huge gain in development and cost.

Check out APILayer’s free APIs full of unique opportunities.


Q: What should I consider when choosing a public API?
A: Before using a public API, consider the following:

  • API documentation: Make sure the API has clear documentation on how to use it and what data it provides.
  • Data quality: Check the reliability and accuracy of the data provided by the API.
  • Rate limits: Some APIs may limit the number of requests you can make per hour or per day.
  • Pricing: Some APIs may be free, while others may require a fee.

Q: Why use a public API?
A: Public APIs are a convenient way to access and retrieve data from other services and websites without downloading the data yourself.

Q: What free APIs does APILayer offer?
A: APILayer offers multiple free APIs, including currency exchange rates, weather data, and IP geolocation data.

Q: How do I sign up for APILayer?
A: You can sign up for APILayer by creating a free account on their website. This will give you access to their API documentation and allow you to test their APIs.

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