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How To Use Reverse Phone Number Lookup Free?

Reverse phone number lookup free API

Businesses use various marketing techniques to capture leads and generate high revenues. SMS marketing is one of those techniques. In SMS marketing, companies collect the cell phone numbers of potential customers via sign-up forms on their site and text-to-win competitions. Then they send promotions, updates, offers, and news related to their products and services to those numbers through SMS, or text messages. Obviously, ensuring you send messages to valid and authentic numbers is a critical aspect of successful SMS marketing.

That’s why most companies these days perform reverse phone number lookup free.

There are several free phone number lookup services available, but, unfortunately, they are not all accurate. Because of this, businesses prefer to use a reliable phone number lookup free API that provides accurate data.

How Does A Reverse Phone Number Lookup Free API Work?

A reverse phone number search API is like a phone detective. That is because they allow you to enter a phone number and return associated details like location and country. These APIs can access billions of numbers and public databases. Some efficient APIs also instantly validate numbers. Using a reverse number lookup API ensures you have a clean database filled with only authentic numbers from genuine customers.

In addition, powerful number search APIs like numverify give you data related to the contact’s carrier. This also helps your business quickly identify carriers associated with higher fraud instances and act accordingly. Simply put, a phone search API lets you check cell phone numbers and identifies fake and wrong phone numbers.

Why Do You Need A Reverse Phone Lookup API?

An efficient reverse phone lookup service can help both businesses and individuals in many ways:

How Does A Reverse Phone Number Lookup Free API Help Prevent Fraud?

For instance, one way of preventing fraud is by validating and verifying users’ cell numbers before entering them into your massive database. However, cell number verification can be challenging, especially if you have users from different parts of the world on your site. This is because there are several phone number formats that customers can choose from.

But, by using a free reverse phone lookup API, you can instantly validate local and international phone numbers and add only authentic numbers to your database. In addition, you can match a user’s cell phone number against their geographic location to see if they have provided correct information. For instance, you can check if the country of residence of a user is the same as the country their cell number belongs to.

How Does A Phone Number Search API Help With Marketing?

Marketing campaign stats

When you’re promoting your products and providing news and updates to customers via text messages, you have to ensure that you’re sending SMS to correct numbers. This is because if you send messages to fake numbers, they won’t be delivered. You can’t convince users to buy your products if they don’t receive your messages.

That is why verifying and validating the cell phone numbers of your users is critical to the success of your SMS marketing campaign. This is where you need a completely free reverse phone API that helps you maintain a clean database. A reverse phone lookup service also gives you a cell phone number’s location data. You can use this data for location-specific and targeted marketing campaigns.

Can I Identify An Unknown Caller Using Reverse Cell Phone Lookup?

Individuals usually use a caller ID tool or phone lookup service to identify unknown numbers. You can use reverse phone lookup to see who’s calling you and identify their geographical location. This helps fight against annoying and spam phone calls.

What Is The Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Free API?

Numverify reverse phone number lookup free

There are several reverse phone lookup APIs and services on the market. However, if you’re looking for the best reverse phone lookup API that is completely free to use, numverify is definitely the right choice. Numverify is a user-friendly and efficient tool for free reverse phone lookups. Thousands of businesses and developers worldwide use it. Numverify is a RESTful phone number search API that supports JSON response and provides results within milliseconds.

The numverify phone number search API is super easy to use. It also comes with extensive documentation that explains everything in detail. You can get started in only a few minutes.

Here are the key features of the numverify that make it the best reverse lookup API:

Does Numverify Free Reverse Phone Lookup Support Phone Number Validation?

Numverify phone number validation

Numverify reverse lookup API helps you validate cell phone numbers right at the point of entry into your system. This helps you maintain a clean database of genuine phone numbers.

Next, Numverify supports 232 countries worldwide, including the USA, Spain, Albania, Brazil, and more. This means you can use it to validate almost any phone number, including business phone numbers. You can use the API’s ‘countries’ endpoint to get the list of all the supported countries and areas.

Finally, the Numverify free reverse phone lookup API returns both the local and international formats of a specific number.  Frequently updated international phone numbering plans power its format validation system.

Does Numverify Free Phone Number Lookup API Provide Location Data?

For every valid phone number, numverify reverse phone number lookup free API returns county and location data. This includes country or area code, county name, and location. Businesses can use this information for marketing and fraud prevention.

Does Numverify Reverse Phone Number Lookup Free API Support Carrier Detection?

Numverify free reverse phone number API returns a separate ‘carrier’ object, which provides the name of the specified phone number’s registered carrier. This data is particularly helpful in preventing fraud. With some carriers, it’s very easy to register multiple phone numbers and use these numbers to create fake profiles.

Knowing the “bad” carriers is a distinct advantage. Your business can quickly identify carriers with higher fraud instances using the numverify free reverse phone number API. Then,  you can require additional identity authentication to prevent fraud.

Does Numverify Number Lookup API Support Line Type Detection?

Not all phone number types accept SMS, such as VoIP and landline numbers. Businesses need to identify such numbers and exclude them from their SMS marketing campaigns. Numverify number search can help you identify the type of line associated with a phone number. Numverify reverse phone number lookup free API supports the following line types:

  • Landline
  • Mobile Phone, including business numbers                                       
  • Toll-Free Numbers, such as hotels
  • Premium Rate Numbers, such as paid hotlines
  • Special Services, such as Police
  • Satellite       
  • Paging

How To Use Numverify Reverse Phone Number Lookup Free?

Below is the numverify number search API base URL for all the queries:

Here is how you can perform a phone number search using PHP:

And here is how you can use jQuery.ajax to validate a phone number using numverify number search API:

Ready to validate your users’ phone numbers and take your SMS marketing to the next level? Sign up for numverify API today!

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