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ipstack vs. ipgeolocation: Which is the best API?

Geolocation uses data received from an individual’s computer or mobile device to identify that user’s actual physical location. In addition, geolocation makes it possible to obtain, from any internet-connected device, all sorts of real-time information including browser and device types. With the right technology, a company or organization can pinpoint the location of a user at any time.

Think about that.

With the number of smartphone users expected to reach 2.66 billion by 2022 and more than 2 million apps available in both the Android and iPhone markets, geolocation is an indispensable way for companies to understand exactly who and where their clients are.

ipstack works closely with businesses and websites from all different fields and walks of life. They are renowned for having months go by during tests without even a single instance of downtime.

If geolocation is something you are thinking about adding to your application or website, ipgeolocation.io and ipstack are two big players in the IP monitoring and API industry, and we are reviewing them for you here. 

Why Geolocation?

Especially where sales and marketing is concerned, qualitative and quantitative analytics play a vital role in making sense of the traffic that comes through your web pages. Simply put, it pays to learn about client behavior and data like location, time spent on certain pages, and the currency they use is invaluable to any marketing plan.

Knowing this information makes it possible for you to cater to different people and provide a more personalized approach to each visitor. This, in turn, will help you draw more potential customers to the right page on your site. A good geolocation API should have a strong database, easy-to-use, features, and reasonable prices. 

It is also worth noting whether a client is based in the EU or not. In 2021, the data collection laws in the context of cookies changed and could affect how your data is processed.

ipstack vs. ipgeolocation-The Differences

ipstack.com and ipgeolocation.io are both leaders in the field of API tracking services. They both provide services for websites at scale and allow companies or individuals to gather information about all of their visitors each month. Both offer freemium versions so you can try their interfaces and experiment with their potential for free. 

ipstack works with individuals and businesses of all sizes. The API has a strong reputation for working with multinational companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb, and Samsung.

They support over 2 billion daily API requests daily with an average response time of 25 microseconds. Ipstack also has the capacity to differentiate between over 2 million unique locations worldwide. ipstack is an exceptionally strong contender in the API tracking space.  

ipstack Pros/Key benefits

ipstack is fast. it is known to have no noticeable impact on page loading times. It also has a modern, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.

Ipstack can also harvest security data as well as detect potential cyber-attacks. ipstack’s collected data is separated into several different categories. The security feature is perhaps the most important to some clients where threat levels are analyzed by detecting whether the request is from a crawler, TOR, or proxy. The connection is also monitored, providing the ISP and ASN details.

Geolocation API Pricing Compared

When it comes to pricing, our to contenders offer significantly different plans. Plans are generally based on volume of API calls/


6 main product packages are available through monthly and yearly plans:

Free – Supports up to 30,000 requests per month 1k daily limit

$15USD per month or $150USD per year 150k requests per month$5 per extra 50,000 requests
Silver $65USD per month or $650USD per year1,000,000 requests per month$5 per extra 75,000 requestsSilver+ $130USD per month or $1300USD per year 3,000,000 requests per month $5 per extra 100,000 requests
Gold $200USD per month or $2000USD per year6,000,000 requests per month$5 per extra 150,000 requestsPlatinum $500USD per month or $5000USD per year20,000,0000 requests per month$5 per extra 200,000 requests


4 main product packages are available. ipstack has a free service that gives its users up to 5000 requests per month

Basic $9.99USD per month or $95.90USD per year. Supports up to 50,000 requests per month
Professional $49.99USD per month or $479.90USD per year. Supports up to 500000 requests per month
Professional Plus $99.99USD per month or $959.90USD per year. Supports up to 2,000,000 requests per month
Enterprise” – Larger plans which can be negotiated upon request

Which geolocation API has the best ratings?



Free Version




ipstack rating


Free Version




Conclusions – which is the Best Geolocation API for You

Before committing to any type of plan or contract it is worth trying out each of their free service options to see if you like or dislike its functionality or user interface. Beyond this, speed testing is a practical means of getting started, ensuring sufficient accuracy on a smaller sample of visitors or traffic if needed. 

On websites like G2.com, ipstack has no reviews for their paid services that are below 4 stars whereas many paid services have received criticism for issues such as visitors who use the website multiple times count as more than one visitor which would move clients even faster beyond their visitor quota.

ipstack is built to support clients whose websites receive millions of visitors, they are exceptional at catering to businesses and networks of virtually any size. They are renowned for being extremely helpful in rare instances of technical issues. As well as being highly regarded for providing comprehensive information with negligible to no effect on the speed of websites. Safe to say their strong reputation has been earned and is well deserved. 

Head over and signup for ipstack today and start deploying geolocation services today!

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