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Online Coding Classes for Kids

Today a lot of things we do or use are based on code. In this blog post, we will cover how to improve coding skills for kids.

Why should kids learn how to code?

Today a lot of things we do or use are based on code. While posting Instagram stories, ordering food from your couch, or even streaming movies. Kids know how to unlock cell phones, play games and watch videos before they can speak properly.

Coding is the language you need to tell computers to perform different tasks. The computers can perform tasks very fast. However, they cannot decide how to do it. They have to know what to do and how to do it step by step.

These days nearly every job requires coding! Especially for STEM subjects computer programming is a golden key. Even though your kid doesn’t want to work in a STEM related subject, a basic understanding of coding will be very important in every field.

Personal Benefits of Coding?

Beyond the career side benefits of programming, there are also many personal benefits. Coding;

  • Develops creativity,
  • Improves memory and brain,
  • Develops problem solving skills.

Coding resources for kids:


The Scratch project is developed by a group from MIT Media LAB. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories with drag and drop behavior, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.

Visit Scratch


Code.org is a nonprofit foundation website and is an excellent starting point for coding. It provides many useful online resources, apps, and many more. With 57 million online students, Code.org is one of the biggest resources for coding specifically for kids.

Visit Code.org


CodeMonkey is a paid coding classes for kids. CodeMonkey provides solving puzzles, inventing, creating and sharing and many other projects on their website. With gamified lessons, it helps the kids focus and keep interest on the subjects.

Visit CodeMonkey

Code Monster

Code Monster is a gentle and fun introduction to programming concepts. It is a first step in learning to program. It is not intended to teach all of computer science and programming. Code Monster is part of the Crunchzilla suite of game and educational projects developed by Geeky Ventures. Code Monster is the simplest programming resource among many others, It’s simple, fast and child-friendly. You don’t have to download anything or change anything. Just click the link and start learning!

Visit Code Monster


CodeCombat is a coding game for kids that teaches Python and JavaScript coding using text-based programming. It provides interactive gameplay mode to simulate code learning experience. While kids are playing different levels of this game they will learn some algorithms and ways to solve problems. With graphics and ability to connect other players in the community features, it is fun to learn code!

Every CodeCombat level is scaffolded based on millions of data points and optimized to adapt to each learner. Practice levels and hints help students when they get stuck, and challenge levels assess students’ learning throughout the game.

Visit CodeCombat


Kodable teaches programming fundamentals through kid-friendly lessons. Students get to create and play alongside friendly characters. Kodable is a great way to take students from block programming and transition to real code. Kodable offers their student; JavaScript and SWIFT lessons along with fun games.

Visit Kodable

Coding Apps for kids:

codeSpark Academy: Kids Coding

codeSpark Academy is inspired by visual programming languages such as Scratch from MIT, Alice from Carnegie Mellon University and other ‘beginner’ programming languages like Logo, SmallTalk, and Squeak.

The codeSpark Academy word-free interface allows anyone, anywhere to play. Kids will master core computer science concepts such as pattern recognition, problem solving, sequencing, algorithmic thinking, debugging, loops and conditionals.

App Store
Google Play


As we talk about Kodable’s website at the beginning, this great source also has a phone app. Today’s best programmers fell in love with coding at a young age by experimenting with the concepts taught in Kodable.

Understanding computer science empowers your child for the jobs of tomorrow, and expands your child’s mind to solve problems today in more intelligent ways. With Kodable kids can learn one of the most popular programming languages JavaScript with fun!

App Store

Tynker: Coding for Kids‬

Tynker is a complete learning system for kids to learn to code. Kids begin experimenting with visual blocks, then progress to JavaScript, Swift, and Python as they design games, build apps, and make incredible projects.

The Tynker makes it easy for kids to learn and apply concepts like conditional logic, variables, and functions – the same coding concepts as any mainstream programming language.

App Store

Coding Games For Kids – Learn To Code With Play

Kidlo Coding is a fun coding game to teach kids the very basics of programming, an essential skill in today’s world. It teaches coding with fun games like firefighting, popping balloons or playing a dentist.

Kidlo Coding helps kids improve their problem-solving skills, boosts memory and increases logical thinking skills and prepares them for school and career life.

App Store
Google Play

Lightbot : Programming Puzzles

Lightbot: Code Hour is a programming puzzle game along with computer science. Game mechanics require using programming logic to solve levels.

Teaching kids the logic of coding, this challenging programming puzzle is perfect to teach basic concepts used in computer programming. Completing one level will then unlock the next. However, the difficulty rises for making it a challenging game for all kids.

App Store
Google Play

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