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Best Web Scraping API: Scrapestack vs. ScrapingBee

Best Web Scraping API: Scrapestack vs. ScrapingBee

As anyone who has ever tried to scrape a website knows, the best way forward is to use an API. This is especially true if you need to scrape and collect data from across the web quickly. Using the Best Web Scraping API is the most effective and, more importantly, the most anonymous way to collect large amounts of data off the web. But how do you select the right Web Scraping API? Hold on! We have got you covered. 

It isn’t quite that simple though. While there are several API scraping tools on the market, the choice can boil down to several factors. These are price, ease of use, features, as well as speed. To help decide what is the Web Scraping API is the best API for you, we’ll compare two web scraping APIs — Scrapestack and ScrapingBee.

If you are interested in learning more, then continue reading for our findings.

Scrapestack vs. ScrapingBee: An overview

While both web scraping APIs fulfill similar tasks, there are some key differences in the way they do their jobs. Read on to find out what they are.

Who is Scrapestack web scraping API for?

The Scrapestack API currently handles over 1 billion requests monthly. It is also used by over 2,000 companies. In addition to this, Scrapestack is built for end-users who want to parse data from sites such as TripAdvisor, Booking.com, or Amazon.com for their own purposes. Finally, as a specialized tool, Scrapestack makes web scraping easy for anyone. Furthermore, Scrapestack is built and maintained by Apilayer, the same company that offers a wide variety of APIs such as Eversign and Invoicely, as well as Ipstack, and more.

scrapestack Web scrapper api for data extraction and headless browsers of a web page

Who is ScrapingBee web scraping API for?

ScrapingBee uses the latest version of Google Chrome to manage thousands of headless instances to scrape the data you need. Since it is headless, it won’t bite into all your system resources, like your CPU or RAM. ScrapingBee also uses AngularJS, Vue.js, React, and other libraries to scrape your target websites. In short, ScrapingBee is for organizations that want to scrape websites at scale.

scrapingbee for General Web scraping tasks among top web scraping apis or best web scraping apis

Scrapestack vs. ScrapingBee: Web Scraping API Features

What Scrapestack offers

As a scalable REST API, Scrapestack provides both standard (data center) and premium (residential) proxies. This is good. With premium proxies, you are far are less likely to get blocked. In addition, with Scrapestack, any blog or enterprise can convert reviews, rankings, and results to usable data. Other critical features include:

  • Uses Millions of proxies and IPs

  • Scales well to grow with your business

  • 99.9% uptime on average

  • Gives Access to a pool of worldwide Internet service providers

  • Offers IP rotation and smart retries for data requests

  • Sends your API requests to over 1,000 global locations

  • Facilitates JavaScript rendering, concurrent SPI requests, brower support, and CAPTCHA solving.

  • Is compatible with programming languages such as PHP, jQuery, Node.js, Python, Go, as well as Ruby.

What ScrapingBee offers

ScrapingBEE supports R, C#, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, and also NodeJS. In addition to this, it offers classic and premium proxies. Finally, ScrapingBee end-users have the option of rendering all pages within Chrome. ScrapingBee also provides these features:

  • Geotargeting

  • Automatic proxy rotation

  • Custom scraping scripts



Comparison rating of web scraping apis with 5 stars for scrapestack


scrapingbee rating Scrapper api to retrieve data such as structured data or web harvesting extract data

Scrapestack vs. ScrapingBee: Ease of use

What Scrapestack offers

Since Scrapestack is a simple REST API, you don’t have to worry about IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, or programmatically managing geolocations. Getting started is as easy as creating a Scrapestack account, retrieving the unique API access key, and authenticating. All you have to do to get started is send a valid website URL, and Scrapestack will return as-seen-in-the-browser HTML content. The returned information includes JavaScript rendering, within a JSON response. Most importantly, you can also gather all the data you want in seconds.

That said, some of the biggest brands in the world use Scrapestack, including YouTube, eBay, and Amazon.

What ScrapingBee offers

ScrapingBee works well for general web scraping such as pulling real estate listings or contact data for sales leads. In addition, ScrapingBee only charges for successful data requests. ScrapingBee also offers a unique API key. You have to submit an encoded URL, and it returns your results as raw HTML content.



5 stars for scrapestack web scraping api


scrapingbee Scraper api application programming interface for web scrapers data collection

Scrapestack vs. ScrapingBee: Pricing

What Scrapestack offers

Scrapestack pricing includes the following options:

  • Free: $0/month; up to 250 monthly requests.

  • Basic: $19.99/month; up to 200,000 monthly requests.

  • Business: $199.99/month up to 3,000,000 monthly requests.

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing.

You can also make payments via credit card in addition to bank transfers for high-volume clients.

What ScrapingBee offers

ScrapingBee pricing includes the following options:

  • Startup: $99/month, includes 1,000,000 API credits.

  • Business: $249/month, includes 2,500,000 API credits.

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing.



5 stars for scrapestack web scraping api


4 stars

Scrapestack vs. ScrapingBee: Integration

What Scrapestack offers

Scrapestack is built as a service on top of Apilayer’s cloud infrastructure. This means Scrapestack integrates with your current systems frictionlessly and quickly.

What ScrapingBee offers

Since ScrapingBee works in Google Chrome, it offers easy integration to end-users with this operating system.



5 stars for scrapestack web scraping api


4 stars for scrapingbee web scraping api

What is the best web scraping API?

Ultimately, your web scraping API selection is determined by the complexity of your requirements, your budget, ease of use, and how many requests you need to make each month. Fortunately, Scrapestack offers a plan for every budget, you can switch between plans effortlessly, and, finally, supports up to 3 million monthly requests with the Business plan.

Web Scraping API: Conclusion

When you want to scrape a website, using an API is the best way to get the data quickly and without being noticed. Scrapestack and ScrapingBee are two popular APIs for this.

Scrapestack is good if you’re just looking to get data from sites like TripAdvisor or Amazon for your own use. It has lots of proxies, works well as your business grows, and rarely has downtime. It works with many programming languages and is used by big companies like YouTube and eBay.

ScrapingBee is better for big companies that need to scrape a lot of websites. It uses special methods to scrape data efficiently and offers some useful features. In terms of cost, Scrapestack offers different plans to fit your needs, while ScrapingBee charges based on the amount of data you get.

Choosing between Scrapestack and ScrapingBee depends on what you need and how much you want to spend. Both are good for web scraping and can help you get the data you need.

Web Scraping API: FAQs

1. What makes Scrapestack different from ScrapingBee web scraping API?

Scrapestack is simple and cheap, while ScrapingBee offers more complex features like solving CAPTCHA and rotating IPs.

2. Which web scraping API is better for beginners?

Scrapestack is better for beginners because it’s easier to use and understand.

3. Does ScrapingBee web scraping API have more advanced features?

Yes, ScrapingBee has more advanced features like solving CAPTCHAs and rotating IPs.

4. Which web scraping API is cheaper for big projects?

Scrapestack is generally cheaper for big projects because it’s simpler and more affordable.

Create an account with Scrapestack today, and discover a web scraping API uniquely aligned with your data scraping objectives.

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