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Supercharge Your Crypto Exchange Dashboard With CoinLayer

Supercharge Your Crypto Exchange Dashboard With CoinLayer

CoinLayer is one of the market-leading real-time crypto exchange rates delivered with REST API. CoinLayer covers 25 exchanges and more than 385 coins with accurate data sources.

The Crypto data is gathered from some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Thanks to a graceful fallback algorithm, availability, consistency, and reliability of crypto data returned by the coin layer API are at the highest level.

The CoinLayer API comes with a series of endpoints, functionalities, and options. You can learn how to integrate CoinLayer API into your project at the end of the tutorial.

Why Should You Choose CoinLayer?

Using CoinLayer, you build on top of a rock-solid exchange rates source – unparalleled in accuracy and consistency.

crypto exchange
  • Rock-Solid Sources: CoinLayer crypto rates data API is powered by a series of trustworthy crypto exchange providers, guaranteeing the highest accuracy class. 
  • Bank-Grade Security: All request and response data sent from and to the CoinLayer API is secured via industry-standard 256-bit HTTPS encryption. 
  • Historical Data: See how cryptocurrencies have developed over time by querying the API for historical data back to 2011.
  • Powerful JSON API: The CoinLayer API is backed by solid and highly available cloud infrastructure, delivering your data in milliseconds.
  • Easy On Your Budget: Most crypto market data APIs have high monthly fees, no customer support, and a low monthly quota. At CoinLayer, one of our principles is to support companies and teams of any size. Whether you are a freelancer, SMB, or large corporation – our API service has covered you.
  • Developers First: The CoinLayer API was built with three things in mind:
    • Performance, ease of use, and consistency
    • Your use of CoinLayer comes with a straightforward RESTful request and response structure
    • Extensive and interactive API documentation, integration guides, and response times as low as 20 milliseconds

What Can You Do With CoinLayer?

Cryptocurrency Dashboard – With CoinLayer, you can create your cryptocurrency dashboard to provide an overview of all of your crypto accounts and assets. It allows you to monitor digital currencies’ ever-shifting value and exchange rates.

By integrating CoinLayer, you can monitor changes in your portfolio in real-time. It provides you with valid information you can use to make informed trade decisions.

E-Commerce Stores – Many e-commerce stores started integrating crypto-wallets into their payment, so you can easily calculate the required price by accessing cryptocurrency exchange rates.

How To Quick Start Cryptocurrency Exchange Rate API?

1. Sign up to get your API Key

Signing up for our currency converter API is quick and easy. You can choose a paid plan for the benefits or a free program to get started. Your API key will be active & enabled after email confirmation.

2. Make a GET Request

No client library is required – use cURL or the HTTP library in your development environment. See the documentation for our currency conversion API endpoint URLs & formats.

3. Parse the JSON Response

Your development environment’s JSON library can parse the response you have received. You’re done! Use the new exchange rate data to convert cryptocurrencies in your application quickly.

What are the Specific API Endpoints for Different Purposes?

CoinLayer provides a set of endpoints, with each one having different functionality. 

  • Live Data: latest available exchange rate data
    • An example is given above
  • Historical Data: lookup crypto rates for a specific date
  • Conversion Endpoint: convert amounts between cryptocurrencies and target currencies
  • Time-Frame Data: query the API for crypto data within a particular period
  • Change Data: retrieve data about rate fluctuation in a specific period
  • List Endpoint: retrieve a list of all available cryptocurrencies and target currencies

Ready to get started building amazing crypto apps?

Head over to CoinLayer.com and get your free API access key!

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