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Top 10 APIs For Scraping Websites

Top 10 APIs For Scraping Websites

The world wide web has become an important part of our lives, and it also holds the key to success for both small and large businesses. They need the web to reach out to their customers, know about their competitors, keep track of competitor products and prices, research consumer needs, and much more. Businesses need automated tools and APIs for scraping the web and extracting data to make the most of this web of information. But how should one go about scraping websites?

If you are looking to scrape a website using APIs, you’ll see many APIs out there. They all differ in their service quality, response times, ease of use, and other features. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of the top 10 APIs for scraping websites.

What Are The Top 10 APIs For Scraping Websites?

Continue reading to find out the top 10 APIs you can use for scraping websites.

1. Why Is Zenscrape The Best API For Scraping Websites?

Zenscrape, the best API for scraping website.

Zenscrape by APILayer is the best web scraping API. Zenscrape APIs are based on REST with a response object in JSON format. They are extremely easy to use and have the best features and capabilities for retrieving data from different websites. Some features of Zenscrape API are:

  • Developers of Zenscrape have optimized its performance; hence, it is blazing fast. This API has one of the fastest response times out of all the available APIs in the market.
  • The Zenscrape APIs have generous QPS limitations. You can submit many requests as you like without compromising performance.
  • Zenscrape is extremely easy to use.
  • The Zenscrape API has extensive documentation with easy-to-follow examples.
  • Any programming language can use Zenscrape. Whether you need a web scraping Python API or web scraping in R, Zenscrape has the right solution for you.

2. What Is Sport Data API For Scraping A Sports Website?

Sport data API for scraping website

The Sport Data API belongs to APILayer. Sport data API is based on easy-to-use JSON REST API with blazing fast speed. The design of this API incorporates the rapidly changing sports data. Hence, you can scrape sports websites and quickly get real-time changes and updates. We have found this API to be the best web scraping API for sports events. While many other such APIs in the market provide unstructured data, this API restructures the data, cleans it, and provides the result in an easy-to-read JSON format.

3. What Is Zenserp?

zenserp for scraping website


Zenserp is a web scraping API by APILayer. It enables you to retrieve data from search engine results in real-time. Zenserp covers all major search engines and has a unique design that results in high performance and efficiency. Additionally, you can also reliably scrape search engine results based on geolocation. Additionally, Zenserp’s specialized Google search results API is highly scalable. A robust infrastructure works at the backend to power Zenserp. This way, it can return results in real-time.

It’s straightforward to start with Zenserp, and the API has an easy syntax and extensive documentation. You can sign up for its free plan to try it out.

4. What Is OpenGraph.io API For Scraping Websites?

Open Graph API

OpenGraph.io API is quick and simple. It has special methods that are based on REST to obtain Open Graph data from websites. The Open Graph protocol allows a web page to become a rich object in a social graph. Many websites don’t include Open Graph tags in their markup; hence, OpenGraph infers these tags from the data on such websites. This API also facilitates various proxies so that your request is routed properly and your web crawler or bot is not blocked.

5. What Is WebScraping API?

WebScrapping API for scraping website

WebScraping is another REST-based web data scraping API. It supports JavaScript rendering, CAPTCHAs, IP blocks, and automatic retries to fingerprinting. It enables you to carry out different types of data scraping tasks. For example, you can extract information about different products, their prices, product descriptions, reviews, and more. You can also extract financial data to make investment choices. Additionally, you can retrieve data related to travel, flight information, hotel charges, and more.

6. What Is Infatica Scrapper API For Scraping A Website?

Infatica.io provides real-time, scalable proxy and web scraping REST APIs. It supports 100+ locations from which you can send your web scraping API requests. Alternatively, you can use random geo-targets that facilitate a series of major cities around the globe. Infatica.io also supports concurrent API requests. CAPTCHA solving, different browsers, and JS rendering.

7. How Is Web Scraping With Web Scraper?

Web scraper

Web Scraper is software for fetching data from different websites. It can navigate through various hierarchies of a web page to extract data. Along with Web Scraper software, it also supports an API for managing sitemaps, scraping websites, and downloading data. The Web Scraper Cloud can be managed with HTTPS JSON API.

8. What Is ScrapingAnt For Scrapping Websites?

The ScrapingAnt features APIs for web scraping without getting blocked. You can use ScrappingAnt APIs for general operations relevant to web scraping. This API allows you to retrieve data from websites related to different domains—for example, real estate, travel agencies, retail stores, extracting reviews, and more.

9. What Is ScraperAPI For Scraping Websites?

ScraperAPI is another web scraping API that helps you get HTML from any webpage. It is capable of handling proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs. Moreover, it allows JavaScript rendering and IP geo-targeting. ScraperAPI fetches the data using a headless browser when you are scraping a website, and that website has an associated JavaScript code. This headless browser is a Google Chrome instance.

Scraper API also includes the product Async Scraper. With this scraper, you can submit the scraping job and later collect the data using the status endpoint. This way, you don’t have to wait for a response when sending requests.

10. What Is ScrapingBee API For Scraping Websites?

ScrapingBee is another website scraping API. ScrapingBee APIs evade being blocked when scraping the web and handle headless browsers by rotating proxies. Using the latest chrome version, ScrapingBee handles thousands of headless instances and specializes in extracting the data you need. Additionally, ScrapingBee has a large proxy pool. This allows you to bypass rate-limiting websites and hide your bots. All this helps to reduce your chances of getting blocked by a website.

How Do I Sign Up For Zenscrape?

Getting started with Zenscrape is extremely easy. You can subscribe to the free plan and try it out. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Make the most of your web scraping experience. Sign up for Zenscrape today!

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