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Top 5 APIs of September 2022

Every single API service provides different opportunities for your choice. Just before you deep dive into our marketplace, check out the most powerful 5 APIs we offer to make your life on the web easier.

Every single API service provides different opportunities for your choice. Just before you deep dive into our marketplace, check out the most powerful 5 APIs we offer to make your life on the web easier.

APIs offer dozens of opportunities to make life easier online. For businesses -if used properly- they might boost your experience by increasing your revenue, extending your customer base and value, maintaining excellent customer support and marketing activities and by integrating your backend data with your applications. As we persistently bring up its major function in our previous posts; an API is, simply, a computing interface that defines the relationship between certain software intermediaries. It defines the format, data binding and regulations between parties and automatizes the process. Here are the 5 most powerful APIs we offer to improve your business and customer experience:

1. Sentiment Analysis API

It is quite possible that your business needs sorting out the information generated by your customers. From scanning a vast number of comments on your new product to making automatic investment decisions accordingly, our Sentiment Analysis API offers an attentive categorization for your data. It labels the entries as positive, negative or neutral, as pre-trained, and provides you a broader perspective for your business. Through the Sentiment Analysis API, you can check the review status of your product or see which particular features shine out. You can even get some real-life feedback on money markets and make automated investment decisions.

Sentiment Analysis API

2. Web page to PDF API

It is not always possible -or convenient- to convert a webpage into the PDF format. Our Web page to PDF API helps you transform certain URLs to PDF files. It converts the webpage into a printable format for hardcopy uses. If the webpage is not practical for printer use, no worries! Our API operates on screenshots to provide you a clean and tidy output PDF file.

Web Page to PDF API

3. Scraper API

Web scraping is the concept of collecting data from third-party websites and making it meaningful under certain categories and characteristics. It is used for gathering large amounts of data in a structured manner. You can use our Scraper API for price monitoring of your competitors, collecting stock market data or in machine learning -to provide a great quantity of data for the algorithm. You can even scrape images and collect them for your use. By the way, don’t forget to check the website you are planning to scrape to see if its terms of use and copyright allows you to do so.

Scraper API

4. BIN Checker API

Bank Identification Number (BIN) or Issuer Identification Number (IIN) is the first six digits of a bank or payment card number. With the exponential use of online shopping and further monetary actions, our BIN Checker API offers you a safe and fast transaction atmosphere by checking your customers’ BIN on account of the frequently updated data we provide.

BIN Checker API

5. Image Detection APIs

An online environment, almost always, contains visual data. We offer various APIs in image detection for your special needs. Image Labeling API categorizes your visual content in terms of its defining features. Image to Text API transforms textual information from your images, it even works in handwritings. Minor, Violence and Nudity Detection APIs, separately, filter the images by definition and provides you a safe and controlled online environment. From a variety of options, you can categorize and monitor your visual data and make it secure for both legal and profit-oriented purposes. You can also categorize various visual data or eliminate certain parts for a better customer experience.

Last Words

For further information, please check our API Marketplace to see more of our computer vision field products and our latest APIs.

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