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Weather Update APIs weatherstack vs. Dark Sky – Which is best?

Weather affects us all, and, as a result, weather forecasting technology is constantly improving and evolving. It doesn’t matter if your plans involve leisure or business, the weather plays an important factor — making sure you are prepared for the conditions to come can make the difference between having a really good or a really bad day.

Just as importantly what is going on outside can affect your business. significantly, climate can strongly affect industries and businesses. For this reason, many companies consider understanding and preparing for the weather important to the seamless operation of their business.

weatherstack vs. Dark sky

Rain or shine? Which API is the best site suitable for your needs? Let’s find out. These two Weather APIs share very basic similarities, but the most important difference might surprise you.

weatherstack is one of the fastest, most progressively growing weather update APIs.

On the other hand, Dark Sky is now owned by Apple. The transition from being an independent service to an Apple-owned product has essentially removed it from consideration. Moreover, the site will also shut down by the year, 2022 and the API is no longer accepting signups. Only legacy API users can access information on the Dark Sky Website.

Which option is the best to check weather updates via API?

weatherstack has more than 75,000 enterprise users. These include brands like Warner Brothers, Microsoft, and Deloitte. The active number of users of Dark sky in iOS weather app was reported at over 500,000monthly users, however, these are limited to IOS users and the Dark Sky App rather than the API itself.

Dark Sky is limited to iOS users now. It is inaccessible to new developers in the API form.

weatherstack Features

The weatherstack API detects your current location and gives you accurate temperature according to your area. Whereas, Dark Sky requires you to search for your desired location before you allow it to access your location.

Here is a list of the Weather API features:

Real-Time Weather API
Historical Weather API
Weather Forecasts API
Location Autocomplete
Bulk API Endpoint

Detailed weather updates are available with weatherstack, starting with Real-Time weather, astronomical data points, hourly updates, historical weather updates, and easy location lookups. weatherStack supports 40 languages.

weatherStack Prcing

Various packages are available with weatherstack for signing up to receive weather updates and numerous other benefits, ranging from free to paid packages. Also, their weather status updates constantly, every minute. iOS users have to pay in order to subscribe to the Dark Sky app. The API is no longer available for subscription.

Free — 250 Calls per month – Real-time weather only

Standard — includes commercial use with up to 50.000 requests.

$9.99 per month or $7.99 if billed yearly

Professional level — premium features with up to 300.000 monthly requests.

$49.99 per month or $39.99 if billed yearly

Business level — every feature they have and up to 1.000.000 monthly requests.

$99.99 per month or $79.99 if billed yearly

Enterprise — Custom Pricing Tailored to your needs


Documentation and Ease of Use

weatherstack’s documentation supports Python, Ruby, PHP, Node, and jQuery. They also provide, API authentication, encryption as well as error codes for user’s ease. Code samples are provided and error codes are clearly documented. Dark Sky no longer offers documentation.

 weatherstack star rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Dark Sky’s star rating has dropped to:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

What weather API is a great alternative now that Dark Sky has stopped accepting new sign ups?

There really is no comparison, weatherstack wins. Dark Sky had been removed from the API Market. With that said, weatherstack in terms of weather accuracy, ease of use, and features, it had bested Dark Sky even before Apple took it off the market.

For more information check out Weaterstack today!

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