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What Are API Testing And API Test Management?

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Software development is gaining huge importance in this era of technology. Every day, developers are looking for efficient tools to meet the high-quality demands of users. At this point, APIs and their test data management are also quite important. However, the developers may not have realized the importance of test management for APIs yet.

Test data management is performed to ensure software quality by managing the testing process. Successful software is one with successful test management and automation strategy. Therefore, developers should have knowledge of APIs testing and the overall API test management process. But how do they know which tools and strategies to follow?

Well, there are some criteria that we must know when performing test management for APIs. It will help us to prevent bugs in our software after it is released into the market. To release high-quality and flawless applications, Let’s explore these concepts today.

a developer and a test engineer are working with a test management solution (aka. test case management tool or complete test management tool)

What Is An API & Its Importance In Today’s Era?

An API(Application Programming Interface) is a collection of protocols and definitions developed to integrate and create applications.

Developers mostly use APIs to create a connection between two software. As a result, we don’t write code from scratch, saving time and money. APIs create innovation opportunities, simplify design, and provide flexibility in designing new products. This is why almost all business industries are implementing APIs into their software applications.

What Is API Testing Process?

API testing process helps us to analyze an API to check if it meets the demands of a user or not. At the same time, API testing also ensures our APIs’ reliability, performance, security, and functionality. Moreover, We can perform the API tests directly or as a part of integration testing. It also focuses on data responses and application security and analyzes the business logic.

A test engineer is working with test management solutions and using test management features to generate a test report in the software testing process

What Is The Importance Of API Testing Processes?

Most developers also perform user interface tests for their APIs. However, those tests are inefficient for the validation of API service functionality. Moreover, it doesn’t cover the aspects of backend testing. As a result, there are bugs in the final product. Note that it can be a costly mistake that can delay our product’s release.

API testing process helps us to test the APIs even when the UI is not ready. It allows testing early in the development cycle. This allows us to kill bugs early and prevent them from becoming a serious problem. Therefore, API testing efforts can benefit the development teams in the form of improved software products and services.

What Is Test Management?

Test management is the most important process in the software development life cycle. Moreover, It helps the developers in a robust evaluation process for the software. Test management helps to close monitor and manage application testing. It ensures that our resources are focused on important areas of application.

The testing team performs test management to closely organize, analyze, trace, and control the testing activities. It is important to release a bug-free and high-quality software application. Test management helps organizations meet deadlines faster, increase team collaboration, and streamline project resource allocation.

How to Perform API Testing Efficiently and Effectively With Perfect Test Management Tools?

First, we must know when to perform the API testing. Here are some points that we must ensure:

The API is fulfilling the demands of users.

It is capable of handling the load.

The API should be able to detect things when users follow the wrong direction.

The API is capable of working across different platforms and devices.

If any of the above points are not being fulfilled, then there is a need for API testing.

API Testing Methods

We must know that API testing is a type of integration testing. We must cover the following testing methods to gain high testing progress during the API testing process.

  • Discovery testing
  • Usability testing
  • Security testing
  • Automated tests
  • Documentation

We must know which types of bugs can show up from API testing. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Missing or duplicate functionality.
  • Incompatible Error handling mechanism.
  • Improper messaging
  • Multi-threaded issues
  • Reliability issues
  • Security performance issues

Best Guidelines For API Testing

  • We must perform API testing to check the consistent output.
  • API load tests should be performed to analyze the stress level of APIs.
  • Perform API testing so that it causes failure consistently.
  • We must group our test cases into one test category.
  • Automated tests are better than manual testing since they take less time.
  • We must monitor the API in production while reusing the test cases.
  • Test cases should be performed to get complete test coverage.

API Test Management Tool

It is important to select the right tool for perfect API testing. There are multiple test execution & test automation tools in the market, but TestRail is considered the best so far.


TestRail is serving as a standard among test management tools for software testing. We can track, organize, and manage API testing through a web-based tool. Moreover, it gives real-time insights into all testing activities. Moreover, we can integrate it with various frameworks.

TestRail for  test manager, test organization, test plans. test suites

Can the APILayer Users Benefit From Test Management? If Yes, How?

APILayer users have some pain points that can be resolved using TestRail. For example, unclear documentation, inability to find reliable data, and limited deadlines to finish the projects.

TestRail can help them to boost productivity through proper management of test suits, runs, and cases. The best part is that it allows automated testing that saves a lot of time for API users and completes projects on time. Moreover, It allows functional and exploratory testing, perfect for agile and traditional testing approaches. Lastly, it is highly customizable.

APILayer delivers the best APIs using the best test monitoring, test process, and bug-tracking tools

Final Thoughts

Developers can release bug-free software applications by using test management approaches. However, choosing the right tool for API testing is also important. Since API helps communicate two programs, it is important to ensure API quality. And this is possible only through the use of software like TestRail.


What Is a Test Management Process?

It is a process to manage the tests performed for software quality assurance.

What Is a Test Management Role?

Test management role takes responsibility for managing tests of software under the development process.

What Are Test Planning and Test Management?

Test planning refers to creating test strategies to follow for the test management process.

What Is Test Management Used For?

Test management is used to manage the tests to prevent flaws in your application.

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