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What do you need to know while using the geolocation API?

Companies that provide services on online platforms are trying many methods to increase customer satisfaction. Among these methods, the most used ones integrate IP Geolocation API services into their projects. With IP Geolocation API services integrated into websites and applications, companies increase customer satisfaction by offering content suitable for their users’ locations.

Applications, users must act carefully and consider the rules of law when using their locations. Before using IP Geolocation API services, it is useful to know how to use them and what to know while using them. In this article, we will talk about some things that we need to know.

Terms of service confirmation

Before using the services that provide IP Geolocation API service, you should ask your visitors to give access to sensitive data before using your visitors’ locations.

Providing the terms of service and privacy policy will inform users of the privacy implications of using the service and help them make informed decisions.

The reason for obtaining location data should be net

It is very important to be clear about why you are asking your visitors for location information. For example, at which stage you need the location of the visitor in an application, you must clearly present it to him. If your application is an application that provides information about the public transportation vehicles passing by the nearest bus stops, the visitor is presented with a consent text to accept the API services of IP Geolocation API after clicking the ‘Show buses near me’ button. In this way, the purpose of using the IP Geolocation API service is clear.

Data security law

When your visitors access and use their location with a service that provides IP Geolocation API service, it is your responsibility to comply with the privacy and data protection laws in your jurisdiction. Data security laws have regional limits and you must act accordingly.

Users should be able to delete their data

In order to provide a better performance to your visitors, you can store the defined geolocation data for later use for various purposes after obtaining consent. However, your visitor must be given permission to delete this data at any time. Otherwise, you may break the law.

Protecting data

Data theft and hacking have increased considerably in the internet environment. Data breaches are happening more and more every day. You can obtain the locations of your users from the services that provide the IP Geolocation API, but it is your responsibility to ensure the security of this location information.


In today’s world where data security is of great importance, it is absolutely necessary to obtain the consent of your users and ensure that they are processed appropriately before obtaining and processing the location data of your users.

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