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What Is Web Scraping Used For?

what is web scraping used for

Accessing the most recent data on every topic is necessary because of how rapidly the Internet has expanded and how dependent businesses have become on data. So if you need to gather a lot of data from the Internet and want to do it quickly, web scraping is the way to go. In general, web scraping is used to gather data from the Internet. But this begs the question: What is web scraping used for?

There may be a significant amount of useful information on some websites. For example, you could find out about stock prices, product details, sports statistics, and company contact details, to name a few. However, if the website offered any export tools, you would need to use those to get the information, or you would need to copy and paste the data into a new document manually. When this happens, web scraping is useful. So, in this article, we will explore web scraping and the best API to achieve it.

What Is Web Scraping?

what is web scraping used for on laptop

Web scraping refers to the act of gathering data that combines information from various websites. This requires the creation of scripts that can “scrape” the web for specific content and acquire the data that they display. Companies that need a lot of data to make informed business decisions frequently use it.

Every day, the process can scrape billions of data points from numerous sources using clever automation. Before being evaluated and used, the information is gathered in an unstructured format, like HTML, and then parsed into a structured layout, like JSON.

Web scraping is a technique for quickly and effectively automating data extraction. Web scraping enables you to download any website’s data, regardless of size, to your computer. Additionally, websites might contain information that you can’t copy and paste. You can extract any type of data you need with web scraping.

You could also save the data in a format like CSV when you extract web data using web scraping. The data could then be retrieved, examined, and used. Web scraping thus makes data extraction easier, accelerates it through automation, and facilitates access to the scraped data by providing it in a CSV format.

Simply put, web scraping automates the entire process, so you don’t have to download or copy any data manually.

What Are The Use Cases For Web Scraping?

what is web scraping used for on pc

Depending on the information that needs to be extracted, its format, or the industry for which it is to be used, web scraping may have a variety of objectives. The fact that data is necessary for every company that wants to advance is what binds them all together. It unquestionably aids in the decision-making process for its owners.

Web scraping has a plethora of uses, all of which are astounding. Here are some examples of its uses:

  • Aggregated News Articles
  • Market Data Aggregation
  • Extracting Financial Statement
  • Insurance
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Data Journalism

What Is The  Best Web Scraping API?

what is web scraping used for on mac

The HTML of any website can be obtained using the web scraping API Zenscrape. A residential proxy is additionally offered as a separate service. The API is extremely quick, and response times are crucial. You can find a few APIs in the market that are as quick as this one. Additionally, Zenscrape has generous QPS limitations, so it will always deliver adequate performance regardless of how many requests you send.

With the extensive request builder offered by Zenscrape, getting started is simple as your requests are transformed into production-ready code snippets. Additionally, since any HTTP client can easily retrieve data, Zenscrape can be used with any programming language. So, among many other languages, web scraping is possible in Python, Ruby, and PHP.

Moreover, concurrency quickly becomes a problem when scraping huge amounts of data. Zenscrape, however, has you covered. You can select your proxy location using this wonderful API to display geotargeted content. Zenscrape has also developed Postman to give you the best developer experience possible. Postman is a collection of tools that includes a ton of examples and covers all of their endpoints.

Since Zenscrape is a REST-API, it can accept HTTP requests written in any programming language, as was already mentioned. The following example establishes a proxy connection to the URL https://httpbin.org/ip and renders the content inside a browser before sending you the markup.

import requests

headers = {
"apikey": "YOUR-APIKEY"}

params = (

response = requests.get('https://app.zenscrape.com/api/v1/get', headers=headers, params=params);

This corresponds to the following code in Node.js:
var request = require('request');

var options = {
url: 'https://app.zenscrape.com/api/v1/get?apikey=YOUR-APIKEY&url=https://httpbin.org/ip&premium=true&country=de&render=true'

function callback(error, response, body) {
if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) {

request(options, callback);

You can learn more about this fantastic API by checking their official documentation.

What Are Some Advantages Of Zenscrape?

Because more people trust organic results, organic traffic, dependent on search engine positioning, can be extremely valuable. Organic results cannot be manipulated, unlike paid results. Companies are willing to spend thousands of dollars to rank highly on search engines. For this reason, they frequently collaborate with SEO agencies. These businesses need data to understand what types of websites rank well and what can be done to help a client rank well organically.

Zenscrape provides this function because it enables users to find organic results.

Furthermore, many websites now actively use JavaScript to provide visitors with content. This implies that the content users see when they visit a website through a browser may differ from the content that a simple scraper sees when visiting a webpage.

Zenscrape provides a solution by enabling you to use its APIs to render requests in a cutting-edge, headless Chrome browser. Moreover, it supports every well-known library and framework, including Vue, Angular, and React.

Large-scale webpage scraping may be necessary for some projects, which comes with its own set of difficulties. By only sending one request at a time, you run a greater risk of being blocked by the website, and it will take much longer to get all the information you require.

By giving you access to a sizable IP pool and automatic proxy rotation, Zenscrape solves these problems and makes it simple to conceal your scraping bot. You can also submit multiple requests to scrap a large amount of data quickly.

Google Ads are crucial because they can aid companies in generating returns. To get the most out of every advertising dollar spent, one must understand the types of content that are most clicked on. Businesses can learn what kinds of keywords to use to increase ROI by using Zenscrape API.

Additionally, Google enables users to look up the most recent events. News SERPs are in demand because many internet users like to read the news. To help businesses rank higher, Zenscrape can offer news page results.

Despite popular belief, images can now be optimized for search engines. For their websites to rank well, businesses invest thousands of dollars in stock photography and the proper keyword, META, and descriptions.

The term QPS refers to queries per second. The majority of tools have quotas and limits to prevent the system from receiving more data than it can handle. Additionally, it makes sure that users are distributed resources fairly.

Even though this is a good thing, it is unpleasant because it slows down the process. However, because Zenscrape has no such restrictions, we didn’t discover such problems with it. This implies that each request you make will receive a response, regardless of how many you submit. Even when the server is busy, there won’t ever be any lag.

Are You Ready To Start Web Scraping With Zenscrape?

what is web scraping used for on pc

Web scraping is generally the process of obtaining the information and data that a website publicly makes available by simulating a typical web user viewing the site. Unfortunately, scraping can be quite difficult, error-prone, and time-consuming without the right app to assist you.

Data now serves as the foundation for all decision-making processes, whether they are taking place in a for-profit or nonprofit organization. Therefore, web scraping has found use in every notable endeavor in modern times. It is becoming obvious that those who use web scraping tools creatively and proficiently will outperform others and gain a competitive advantage.

Scraping is not difficult, and Zenscrape makes it reliable and scalable. This is the basis for the development of Zenscrape. The API takes care of everything that makes scraping a challenge, for example, solving captchas, changing IP addresses, rendering JS, etc.—for example, solving captchas, changing IP addresses, rendering JS, etc.

Zenscrape offers data extraction at scale and without getting blocked. Click here to have the best experience in web scraping!


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