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What You Need To Know While Using The Geolocation API

What You Need To Know While Using The Geolocation API

When you target users worldwide, serving information in their language benefits your business. To accomplish this, you can use a geolocation API that helps you locate and identify your website or application users by their IP address. 

Which Geolocation API Should I Use?

There are dozens of geolocation APIs on the market, but only a few offer valid and accurate data with low-cost subscription plans. For instance,  the IPStack geolocation API is one of the market-leading geolocation APIs trusted around the globe.

What Is IPStack API?

IPStack provides a leading IP to geolocation API and global IP database services worldwide. 

The APILayer architecture powers the IPStack API. It can scale as much as you want based on your usage of the API endpoint. It also guarantees the highest uptime.

Here are some key features of IPStack:

geolocation API
  • Robust & Scalable – From 100 requests a month to a million requests a day
  • World-Class Documentation – An extensive API documentation and a quick start guide will get you up and running within minutes
  • Bank-Grade Security – 256-bit SSL encryption secures all data sent to and processed by the IPStack API.
  • JSON or XML – The IPStack API can deliver results in JSON or XML format based on your choice. 

Do I Have Everything In One API?

IPStack is more than just an IP to geolocation service — it provides various other functions like currency, time zone, connection, and security. Each of these modules lets you get the most information from an IP address. 

geolocation API
geolocation API
geolocation API
geolocation API

How To Get A Free API Access Key For IPStack?

IPStack provides a free subscription plan for 100 requests using their location module. It is easy to test the endpoint and see how it works with this option.

geolocation API

Higher subscription plans get you all the modules with an SSL encryption option to use HTTPS for fetching data.

How To Get Started With IPStack Geolocation API?

Your API Access Key is your unique authentication key for accessing the ipstack API. To authenticate with the API, append the access_key parameter to the API’s base URL and set it to your access key value.

Get started with Geolocation API

The IPStack API can deliver JSON format (default) or XML format. Here is the API response for the API call shown in the section above, which queries the API for the IP address

API responses come with comprehensive location, currency, timezone, connection, and security data. Throughout the Response Objects section, you will learn more about the given response structure and its objects.

Need More From Your IPStack Geolocation API?

The IPStack API offers three different endpoints, accepting other parameters and producing differing results. Click on the headings below to jump to an endpoint’s description.

How To Do Bulk IP Lookup?

The IPStack API can also request data for multiple IPv4 or IPv6 addresses simultaneously. To process IP addresses in bulk, append multiple comma-separated IP addresses to the API’s base URL like this:

How To Integrate IPStack API Into Go Web Application?

Here you can see a demo application that shows you how to make a request to the endpoint using the Go programming language. All the steps are explained in the comments. Alternately, you can integrate with Python.

geolocation API

How To Enable Security & Other Modules?

You need a Professional or Professional Plus subscription to use the Security module or other modules in addition to the Location module. The security module helps assess risks and threats from specific IP addresses before any harm to a website or web application.

To use this feature, append the API’s security parameter and set it to 1. Here is an example request.

The API response will now contain a security object if your subscription plan supports the Security Module. For illustration purposes, we use an IP address used by the Tor system for this example API request.


Ready to start? Head out and sign up for your free plan and try out the ipstack geolocation APIs today.

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