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Zenserp vs SerpWow: A Comprehensive Comparison of SERP APIs for 2024

SERP APIs - Zenserp vs SerpWow

In today’s digital world, web scraping has become an indispensable data collection technique for businesses worldwide. Web scraping is essentially the process of extracting or scraping data from SERPs (search engine result pages). This data helps businesses with content optimization, competitor analysis, market research, price monitoring, SEO performance analysis, trend analysis, and more. Zenserp and SerpWow are two of the most popular and widely used APIs for extracting SERP data. These tools automate the web scraping process and offer a range of helpful features that make the data extraction process easier, quicker, and seamless. But which SERP API Google is the right choice for your needs? 

When choosing a Google SERP API, it’s essential to assess various factors. These include the API’s capabilities, such as the ability to provide high volume and real user data, ease of use, ease of integration, speed, scalability, etc.  This detailed comparison guide between Zenserp Google Seach API and SerpWow will cover all these aspects to help you choose the right web scraping tool for your project. 

What Is Zenserp?

Zenserp Google SERP API

Zenserp is a high-performance SERP API that delivers highly accurate and real-time SERP data. The API can scrape all types of Google search results, such as:

  • Organic results
  • Google ads/Paid results
  • Image and video results
  • News results
  • Local and map results
  • People also ask/Related questions
  • Knowledge graph
  • Answer box results/Instant answers

Zenserp offers a broad range of Google-related APIs, including Google Images API, Google Maps API, Google Trends API, and more. In addition to Google, the API supports various other major search engines like Bing, DuckDuck Go, and Yandex, making it an all-in-one web scraping tool. Zenserp’s geolocation capabilities are also among its highlighting features. The API lets you retrieve accurate geolocated search engine results for location-based web scraping. You can also specify your targeted language. These Zenserp features are especially helpful for competitor analysis in specific regions, local market insights, targeted advertising, and local SEO optimization.

Zenserp API for Google search stands out with its next-level speed, performance, and scalable infrastructure. The robust API can process millions of requests efficiently without compromising performance. Moreover, its extensive documentation with various coding examples makes it easy to use and integrate. 

Zenserp also offers various other impressive features for enhancing the web scraping process. These include Batch Searches, Keyword Search Volume and Keyword CPC, Bulk Index Checker (GUI), and more. Batch search is a time-saving feature that allows you to retrieve SERPs asynchronously. Keyword Search Volume and CPC are particularly helpful for SEO optimization. Moreover, Bulk Index Checker enables to check the indexing status of various URLs or web pages. Zenserp is also known for its generous free plan, offering 50 monthly searches. You can get started with Zenserp by simply creating an account and requesting your SERP API key.

What Is SerpWow?

What Is SerpWow?

SerpWow is another real-time SERP API or web scraping tool that enables developers to retrieve valuable information for websites programmatically. The maintenance-free API supports a variety of search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and Baidu. The API can retrieve data from almost any type of SERP result, including:

  • Featured snippets
  • Organic results
  • Ads
  • Answer box
  • Images and videos
  • News
  • Knowledge graphs, and more.

Moreover, the robust API supports geotargeted web scraping. You can utilize the API to extract data from any location worldwide. The API allows you to localize your searches to a city, country, state, or zip code. This data can be helpful for retrieving local business listings, SEO optimization, competitor analysis, and trend analysis in specific regions, as well as verifying local ads. 

With SerpWow, you can even customize your search queries to target specific languages, keywords, and more. The API also implements pagination for retrieving multiple SERP pages. Additionally, the SERP API supports batch processing, enabling you to run up to 15,000 bulk searches.

Another highlighting feature of the SerpWoW SERP API is its global infrastructure, which makes it highly scalable. The API can efficiently handle thousands of requests and return results in real time. SerpWoW also offers a free trial with 100 searches, so you can try and test its features.

SERP API Comparison: Zenserp vs SerpWoW Features Comparison

Types of supported Google SERPsOrganicPaid/adsImages and videosNewsMaps and local resultsFeatured snippetsAnswer boxKnowledge graphFrequently asked questions Google TrendsGoogle ShoppingOrganicPaid/adsImages and videosNewsMaps and local resultsFeatured snippetsAnswer boxKnowledge graphFrequently asked questions Google TrendsGoogle Product data
Reverse Image SearchYesYes
Supported Search EnginesGoogle, Bing, DuckDuck Go, and Yandex.Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Amazon, Naver, and eBay.
Data FormatsJSON, CSV, HTML, and XMLJSON, CSV, and HTML
Geolocation CapabilitiesAllows users to retrieve accurate geolocated search engine results.Supports various locations worldwideYou can choose the domain, country, language, location, and latitude and longitude coordinatesSupports geotargeted web scrapingSupports millions of locations worldwideYou can specify city, country, state, and even zip code
Language-Specific ResultsYesYes
PaginationSupports pagination to enable users to scrape several hundred search resultsSupports pagination for retrieving multiple SERP pages
Support for Batch SearchesYesYes
Speed and PerformanceHighly scalableCan process millions of requests without comprising performance Blazing fast speed and delivers results in real-time99.9% uptimeHigh-performance and super-fastCan handle thousands of requests efficientlyDelivers results in real-time

Zenserp and SerpWow offer various similar features, such as support for various Google SERP results, reverse image search, pagination, geotargeted searches, etc. However, Zenserp also offers an extensive range of Google-related APIs, such as Google Images API, Maps API, Trends API, Shopping API, and more.

Moreover, while both Zenserp and SerpWoW are high-performance APIs, Zenserp is slightly ahead in terms of performance. The API has a proven track record of delivering real-time data and handling thousands of requests with an uptime of 99.9%, making it a better option for apps/projects that rely on real-time data. 

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Zenserp Vs. SerpWow Ease of Use

Zenserp Vs. SerpWow Ease of Use
DocumentationExtensive documentation with all the details about the API endpoints, features, and various coding examplesDetailed documentation containing all the information regarding SerpWow capabilities and endpoints and several coding examples.
Knowledge BaseDedicated account manager Provides an extensive request builder that instantly converts your API requests into production-ready code snippets.No official dedicated blog or video tutorials
Other features for ease of useThe user dashboard offers a visual batch builder for batch searchesThe dedicated account manager Provides an extensive request builder that instantly converts your API requests into production-ready code snippets.

While both Zenserp and SerpWoW are easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate APIs, in our opinion, Zenserp is more user-friendly with a dedicated account manager and extensive request builder. Moreover, its extensive knowledge base, including a dedicated blog, video tutorials, and detailed documentation, makes it easier to learn about the API and its integration process.

SERP API Pricing: Zenserp Vs. SerpWoW Pricing Comparison

Free planOffers a free plan which includes 50 monthly searchesNo free plan, but offers a free trial with 100 searches
Pricing PlansOffers various pricing plans. Pricing ranges from $29/month – $399/monthOffers multiple pricing plans. Pricing ranges from $25 – $9000 per month
Custom High-Volume PlanYesYes

Pricing is a crucial factor in choosing a SERP API. In terms of pricing, Zenserp is a more budget-friendly option. For instance, its pricing plan for hobby projects costs $29 and offers 5000 monthly searches. In contrast, SerpWoW’s plan for hoppy projects costs $25 but offers only 1000 monthly searches. Similarly, Zenserp’s ‘Large’ plan offers 50,000 searches and costs $189, whereas SerpWow offers the same amount of monthly searches for $499.

Pros and Cons



  • Provides real-time data
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Request builder that instantly converts your API requests into production-ready code snippets.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Offers plenty of setting parameters and filters, including language and location, to customize your search


  • Not suitable for historical SERP data analysis



  • Offers real-time data
  • Supports geotargeted searches
  •  Easy-to-use visual batch builder for batch searches
  • Supports various search engines


  • Expensive


Zenserp and SerpWoW are popular SERP APIs for web scraping. These tools automate the process of extracting data from websites and offer various helpful features. You can use them for content optimization, market research, competitor analysis, price monitoring, SEO performance analysis, trend analysis, and more. While both APIs offer many similar features, it’s best to evaluate their features, performance, ease of use and integration, and pricing before choosing the right one for your needs. Based on our comparison of these two APIs, we recommend Zenserp API for projects that require high-volume real-time data. Moreover, Zenserp is a more budget-friendly option compared to SerpWow.

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Q. What are the key differences between Zenserp and SerpWow?
The key differences lie in their range of features, pricing structures, and specific search engine coverage. Zenserp offers a broad range of Google-related APIs, including Google Maps and Google Shopping, while SerpWow provides a more diverse set of features, including reverse image search and global location-based results. Pricing plans also vary, with Zenserp offering a free plan and several tiered options and SerpWow providing a free trial and scalable pricing.

Q. Can I use Zenserp and SerpWow APIs with any programming language?
Yes, both Zenserp and SerpWow are compatible with any programming language. This flexibility is due to their APIs returning data in standard formats like JSON, which can be easily integrated with various programming environments.

Q. How do Zenserp and SerpWow handle data accuracy and speed?
Both Zenserp and SerpWow prioritize data accuracy and offer fast response times for API requests. Zenserp ensures maximum speed with a strong infrastructure, while SerpWow is known for its ‘ludicrous speed’ and accurate location-based results. Each platform uses different methods to maintain these standards, catering to different user needs in terms of speed and precision.

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