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APILayer Resume Parser API for resume analysis

1 amazing api for resume analysis

Most modern companies embrace innovation, especially when recruiting staff. With the development of human resources technologies, many companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in order to build a better recruitment process.

The working principle behind an ATS is simple. The systems parse an applicant’s resume into JSON or a similar format. After that, they compare the data they obtain with that of other candidates. Most ATS can also process content using algorithms. For example, Resume Parser API is a popular web service that can parse a  to JSON format today using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

What is Resume Parser API

Resume Parser API parses resumes in .pdf, .docx,  or .doc format to JSON format using an artificial intelligence algorithm with very high accuracy rates.

For more information about Resume Parser API, click here.

Use cases for Resume Parser API

  • Time-savings
  • Easy resume analysis
  • Target word searches
  • Comparisons

Integration Resume Parser API with Nodejs

Before integrating the APILayer Resume Parser into the Nodejs application, we need to register with APILayer. After registering, choose one of the flexible Resume Parser API packages and obtain an API key.

After obtaining an API key, create a Nodejs project with default settings. Download the express and fetch-node libraries to the Nodejs project you have created.

Paste the following codes into the index.js file where you will run the application.

Now create your resumeParser.js file and send a request to the Resume Parser API web service. Paste the following code:

Finally, make sure that your package.json file looks like this:

Now you can start testing the app. The address of the sample resume address for testing is here. Run the application with the following command:

Then make a request to the following URL from a browser or a testing tool like Postman.

You can see the result of the request, both from the browser and from the application logs.


That’s how easy it is to convert resumes to JSON format with the Resume Parser API. You can start using Resume Parser API, which you can integrate into the application in just a few steps.

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