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Why Is It Important To Check IP Location?

Did you know that you can locate IP address of any internet user that comes to your website? Find out in this article why it’s essential to check IP location of your visitors.

The IP addresses need no introduction as they are unique numbers that identify your device online. Instead, let’s focus on IP address location tracking, starting with what an IP address can reveal about you or your visitors.

What Can An IP Address Reveal About You?

Why Is It Important To Check IP Location


An IP address reveals your IP geolocation, the geographical location through which your device connects to the Internet. First, you need to know your IP address  to find your IP geolocation. A free IP lookup tool like the above will reveal the basic information about your geolocation:

  • Name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Name of IP’s hostname
  • country of the ISP
  • City
  • Region/State
  • Latitude and longitude of the location
  • Any other services running on that IP

However, it doesn’t provide details such as your name, street address, email address, and phone number. Read on further to see what an IP address reveals about you [1]

Now let’s discover why your business requires accurate data about someone’s IP address.

Why Is Accurate Geolocation Data Essential?

Accurate geolocation is vital for most business owners to identify website traffic sources. The tools that access IP geolocation read from databases that third parties maintain.

These tools are either paid or free. An IP address lookup tool acquires geolocation data from various geolocation databases. Some agencies gather IP data through data mining, while others get precise data by polling internet users. So when determining their reliability, they are as accurate as the company that manages them. In other words, a geolocation database varies depending on the company.

Therefore, their accuracy on the exact location of the user’s country in the IP address is 90% correct. However, regarding the real-world geographic location of the city, their accuracy takes a backward step. For instance, if you reside in a suburb of a central metropolitan area, then your location would point to this metro area which is not the precise location.

If you hide behind a proxy server or VPN, the IP location finder will not provide accurate information about the country, region, or city. However, with an anonymous proxy database, you can reveal the true identity of such users.

The fact that the city is inaccurate may not be an issue. But in certain circumstances, it’s vital to get accurate information. Now, let’s move on to why your business requires data from an IP based geolocation database.

Why Does Your Business Require Data From Geolocation Databases?

  1. Personalized content will add high value to the user experience when you show the content in the customer’s language and price in local currencies. The only way to auto-configure information based on localized content is by using IP lookup tools. They connect to the geolocation database and acquire the data. 
  2. Geotargeted advertising: Like personalized content, geotargeting is another service that depends on the geolocation of the Internet Protocol address. You can set ads relevant to the area based on customers’ location that you acquire through Ip lock up tool.
  3. Curbs online fraud: IP lookup tools enhance cybersecurity as they can detect the location and devices from which customers connect. These tools are vital when customers execute online transactions by logging into accounts as you know if they have logged in from unknown places or devices. Furthermore, you can take further actions, such as freezing unknown devices to access your website. You can further check on how IP lookup tools help cybersecurity here.

Now let’s dive into the benefits of the geolocation tools.

What Are The Benefits Of A Geolocation Tool?

There are many benefits of using an IP location lookup tool. those are

  1. Enhanced Marketing strategies: With content localization, you can improve your marketing plans by catering to user needs based on local regions. As in the prize localization case, when a webpage lands in China, its customers would be delighted to find product prices in local currencies. Ipstack provides a separate currency module.
  2.  Better security: Let’s say that an anonymous user is attempting to launch a cyber attack on your organization via an anonymous proxy server. Then once the hacker connects to your site, you would be able to track unusual traffic from a proxy server. This information allows you to block the proxy and the user without causing further harm.
  3. Creates a delightful customer experience: In an eCommerce store, for instance, when you implement segmentation and target marketing, it will lead to customer satisfaction at a higher level. Since you can also provide the user an option to select a menu based on the IP location, it would further delight them. Maximizing the user experience for even minute things will significantly impact your business.
  4. Improved conversions: When a lead or a prospect visiting your website sees localized content, there is a higher chance that conversions will improve. This is because they prefer the localized content rather than the generalized version. It would be an entry point for many new businesses for you as well. For instance, if there is a local festival, you can create some offers and promotions for those residing there.

Read on to find out more use cases for IP location technology.

How Can Ipstack Help You With Finding IP Details?

As you have discovered above, ipstack provides you with the benefits of easy integration, accuracy, and broad coverage. In addition, it also offers additional modules as follows:

  • Security module: Cybersecurity is an utmost factor in web applications. Your chances of potential security threats reduce when you can monitor web crawlers, bots, tor, and proxy activities. So the ipstack’s security module shows all such information for your protection.
  • Currency module: The ipstack is equipped with a separate currency code where you can request the local currency information in the customer’s location. So when you create customized content, this would help your business by an overwhelming margin.
  • Connection information: this module provides additional information, such as the ISP’s hostname of visitors visiting your website. With years of partnerships with ISPs, ipstack has access to many IP location databases.

So as you can see, there are numerous features compared to other IP location lookup tools such as the whois database. Now, you may wonder that all this comes at a hefty cost. Unquestionably not, as all these features come under a reasonably affordable budget.

Get free API key and start using Ipstack today!



[1] https://www.businessinsider.com/ip-address-what-they-can-reveal-about-you-2015-5

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