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7 Reliable Phone Number Validation API For Your Next Development

phone number validation API

In the past years, companies used an email validation process to prove ownership of a newly made account. However, email validation is not enough to prevent fraud and verify account ownership. Therefore, developers started to use a phone number validation API, such as a number lookup API, to verify ownership of new accounts. 

What Is Phone Number Validation API?

A phone number validation API will enable businesses to formulate a range of data to validate phone numbers. This tool can include capabilities such as detecting their location, checking that they’re still current, detecting phone carriers and line types, etc.

Phone number validation API helps you get quality leads to greatly impact your business. You must know that your company can make real progress by generating high-quality and authentic leads through the number lookup API. 

You will learn about some reliable phone number validation APIs in this article. You can integrate the number lookup API into your product and say goodbye to unauthentic and fake leads. 

Reliable Phone Number Validation API

Phone number validation API helps your business to communicate with customers by verifying the authenticity of phone numbers. You get a 2FA authentication and a patent phone-based verification featuring an SMS and voice using a one-time code. You have to decide whether you will receive the code via SMS or a call. 

Phone number validation API is beneficial for you in the following ways:

Saves your money by communicating with valid and authentic leads. 

Provides you higher conversion rates for your campaigns. 

Prevention of inauthentic and fraudulent leads, hence saving your time. 

There are several phone number validation APIs in the market. However, knowing the reliable ones can be challenging. Therefore, we have listed 7 reliable phone number validation APIs below:

1. Numverify

Numverify provides a simple but powerful RESTful JSON API for national and international phone number validation. The best part about Numverify is that it covers more than 232 countries worldwide.

Important Features

  • Numverify helps you validate the phone numbers and gives you a clean base at the entering point. 
  • It is highly secured and safe by 256-bit HTTPS encryption. 
  • It relies on advanced techniques for verification. 
  • It uses line type detection and location’s latest international numbering plans. and carriers
  • The free plan of Numverify verifies 250 numbers per month, while the actual plan starts at just $19.99 per month.
numverify - phone number validation api

You can see the complete documentation of Numverify here.

2. Abstract API

Abstract API is popular for a reason. This phone number validation API serves over 1 million users across the world. It consists of state-of-the-art features with lightweight and fast qualities. This RESTful JSON phone number validation API requires the user to have a phone number and API key. It will return details like location, line type, carrier, and validity. 

Important Features

  • It covers over 190 countries. 
  • It is equally eligible for national and international phone number verification. 
  • It is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. 
  • It offers verification of 250 free numbers before you start paid membership.
abstract api - phone number validation api

3. Numlookup API

Numlookup API helps to verify phone numbers worldwide. This API is providing its services to more than 230 countries. It automates your number verification process by checking several international carriers and reliable data providers.

Like other phone number validation APIs, Numlookup API provides security and prevents fraudulent activity. It secures and provides a clean database.

Important Features 

  • It possesses a great user experience 
  • High stability in design
  • Valuable features like performance overview, team functionality, and tailored support. 
  • The dashboard details the success rate, the number of requests, remaining requests, mean latency, and much more. 
  • The free plan provides 100 API calls per month in the phone validation API. 
  • The paid plan contains 7,000 requests for $9.99. 
numlookup api

4. Neutrino

Neutrino API is known for verifying international and local phone numbers. It also determines the location of a given number. However, this phone number API has very limited information for validating a phone number. Neutrino is a pretty straightforward API.

Important Features

  • Neutrino is available in XML and JSON formats. 
  • It has parameters like an IP, country code, and a number. 
  • It helps developers to solve most of the most complex problems. 
  • Neutrino’s free plan offers 50 numbers for free validation. 
  • It is suitable for companies having minimal use cases. 
  • Pay per API call can be expensive in Neutrino API. 

5. Mocean API

Mocean phone number validation API eases receiving and sending messages through your business database. This phone number validation API follows a RESTful approach to perform its functions. There is no true free version of this phone number validation API, which is limited compared to other APIs. 

Important Features 

  • It has low latency. 
  • It verifies users with random registered codes. 
  • It checks the information for a particular account. 
  • It returns XML or JSON formatted data. 
  • The pricing plans of Mocean API vary worldwide with varying rates.
  • It detects whether a lead is current or not. 
  • It can access landlines for the validation of phone numbers. 
  • You can access the carrier and country of a particular phone number through this API. 
  • It has code available in five different programming languages. 
  • Mocean complies with national phone number formats. 

6. Nexmo Verify API

Nexmo verifies phone number validation API and offers economical verification to secure your business and users. Developers prefer Nexmo when they have to save time and log in within minutes. It can connect your applications directly to carriers worldwide. It has inbounds and outbounds SMS, calls, insights, and verification qualities. 

Nexmo API

Their phone validation API could be a decent partner API.

7. BytePlant

Byteplant phone number validation API can be integrated into your website, CRM, and ERP. If you want to detect the correct line type, then byteplant can do a great job. Byteplant carries out all its actions in compliance with the FCC telephone consumer protection act. 

byteplany API

Important Features:

  • It returns results in the form of statements such as valid/confirmed or invalid/unconfirmed. 
  • The best part about this phone number validation API is that users don’t get disturbed by sending messages or calling. 
  • The whole process takes place within the system of byteplant phone number validation API. 
  • It is available as plugins for Node.js, WordPress, and Jquery. 

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