PhoneValidator | Free Phone Validation & Carrier Lookup

In an age where everything is digital-first, it’s easy to lose sight of something we all have: a phone number. Yes, the analog world persists, not least for marketing purposes. However, there are also potential security concerns, so the phone number must still be validated. What is the significance of phone number validation? Because timely and relevant messages are the foundation of good…
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7 Reliable Phone Number Validation API For Your Next Development

In the past years, companies used an email validation process to prove ownership of a newly made account. However, email validation is not enough to prevent fraud and verify account ownership. Therefore, developers started to use a phone number validation API, such as a…

Phone Lookup API: Everything You Need To Know

There are more than 7 billion mobile phone users around the world, and this number is increasing!  Mobile phone use is now so common, that your mobile number is linked to your identity — each mobile number is unique to a specific user.  You have definitely already…