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In an age where everything is digital-first, it’s easy to lose sight of something we all have: a phone number. Yes, the analog world persists, not least for marketing purposes. However, there are also potential security concerns, so the phone number must still be validated. What is the significance of phone number validation? Because timely and relevant messages are the foundation of good customer interaction. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about a free phone validator or number API. So, let’s get started!

Why Are Phone Validators Important Today?

Why Are Phone Validators Important Today

Before getting into Phone Validators, we must understand what an API is. API stands for Application Programming Interface, which provides a means of communication between two or more computer programs.

A phone validator tool will allow businesses to collect various data to validate phone numbers. This can include capabilities such as detecting their location, ensuring that they’re still current, and detecting phone carriers and line types. In addition, phone verification APIs allow for bulk phone number validation while collecting data about phone numbers and users, and provide verification and standardization. This data may be required for compliance and security purposes.

It may also be beneficial when used for marketing purposes. In addition, a phone validator can help you avoid unnecessary expenses and time. It saves time by checking for invalid phone numbers early on. This is the best time to find invalid phone numbers in your database, rather than during sales, customer service, branding, or marketing efforts. As invalid phone numbers are collected and identified, they should be removed from your database.

What Makes Numverify The Best In The Market?

What Makes Numverify The Best In The Market

Numverify provides a full-featured yet simple RESTful JSON phone validation API for national and international phone number verification and information lookup in 232 countries worldwide. The requested numbers on this phone number validation tool are processed in real-time, cross-checked against the most recent international numbering plan databases, and returned in convenient JSON format with a useful carrier, geographical location, and line type data.

End users can send requests to the numverify API using a simple URL structure. Numverify returns all valid phone numbers in JSON format as a line type, with geographical location and useful carrier information included.

Numverify makes integration quick and simple. Furthermore, this phone number verification tool ensures that the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act is strictly followed (TCPA). In addition, the numverify phone number validation tool supports Web apps and Windows desk platforms, as well as iOS and Android.

Furthermore, numverify supports phone lookup in 232 countries and territories worldwide. You can request bulk phone validation and get a comprehensive list of supported areas using the API’s countries endpoint, including country names and dialing codes.

This fantastic phone validator API also includes 256-bit HTTPS encryption. Paid customers can connect to the numverify API, and all data provided by and accessible through it via a secure connection (industry-standard SSL). You can simply add an s to the HTTP Protocol to connect securely.

Numverify has extensive documentation, including API error codes, JSONP callbacks, and code examples in PHP and JavaScript. Here’s a quick way to use PHP (cURL) to validate phone numbers:

Such a request on the phone validator API would give a response similar to the one below:

Which Other Phone Validator APIs Are Available?

Which Other Phone Validator APIs Are Available

Byteplant’s phone validator tool can be integrated directly into your ERP, CRM, and website. It detects the correct line type (landline, mobile, VoIP) and active phone numbers, and is thus fully compliant with the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The status of the phone number will be “valid”, “invalid”, “valid/confirmed”, or “valid/unconfirmed” depending on the validation result. The best part is that calling or texting users will not disturb them in any way. The procedure will be carried out entirely within the system.

Byteplant’s API is also available as WordPress, jQuery, and Node.js plugins.

Other good options include Real Validito and TextMagic, but numverify is currently the best!

Are You Ready To Use The Best Phone Validator Out There?

Best PhoneValidator

Most businesses already request phone numbers at the time of registration. However, to prevent fraudulent account creation, these numbers must be verified. Calling incorrect numbers can harm your company’s reputation. Your reputation suffers as people add your phone number to their blacklist. Therefore, checking the phone list regularly is critical to keep your company’s reputation in good shape.

Access to user phone numbers makes it easier to recover accounts or send critical updates. However, manually validating phone numbers would quickly overwhelm back-end administration. As a result, incorporating a phone number validation API makes sense. Based on the comparisons above, we have determined that numverify is the clear winner regarding pricing, features, and usability.

If your company is ready to prevent fraud and ensure you can easily contact your users, numverify can assist you.

Numverify is the most reliable service for validating phone numbers and identifying callers. It also has a free plan that does not require a credit card to sign up. We guarantee that once you begin using numverify, you will be completely satisfied and will not consider using another phone lookup service.

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals of phone validation, use numverify to validate all phone numbers in your organization and improve your marketing campaigns!

What Are Some FAQs for Phone Validator APIs?

phone validator

How can I check if a phone number is real?

You can do this quickly by using the numverify API. The numverify API response comprises nine individual JSON response objects, one of which is the valid object, which returns true if the specified phone number is valid.

How do I know if a number is a cell or landline?

The numverify API detects a number’s line type and returns a line type JSON object with the information needed to determine which types of communications a number can accept.

How do I see who owns a phone number?

You can instantly validate local and international phone numbers using a free reverse phone lookup API.

How can I find out whose phone number this is for free?

The numverify API response comprises nine individual JSON response objects, one of which is the carrier object. It returns the carrier with which the specified phone number is registered.

Can you Google search a phone number?

If you want to learn more about someone, you can use Google to look up their phone number. A Google search will yield results if the number belongs to a person, university, government organization, or business.

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