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How To Find Your Phone’s IP Address On Android Or iPhone

cell phone IP address

Want to know what your cell phone IP address is? On a Windows or Mac system, you might be aware of how to obtain the IP address of your PC, but what about on a mobile device?

We can assist you in locating the IP address of your iOS or Android device. First, let’s look at what an IP address is, your phone’s IP addresses, and how to keep them secure. You will also learn about an amazing IP address tracker.

What Is An IP Address?

cell phone IP address

Internet Protocol is referred to as IP. It consists of a string of digits and decimals placed in a specific sequence. However, Mobile IP (or MIP) is a standard communications protocol developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that enables users of mobile devices to switch between networks while keeping their permanent IP address.

Each device has two IP addresses that you need to remember.

Any device on your network has a global IP address, also known as a public IP address, which is how the rest of the internet perceives it. Your global IP will remain unchanged whether you’re using your smartphone, pc, or other machines at home because it is network-specific.

Read more on public IP addresses in this article.

Local IP address, often known as a private IP address: A device on your private network is identified by its private IP address. On a network, a specific address can only belong to one device, although it can also be used on other private networks.

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What Is The Importance Of An IP Address?

Without an IP address, it is impossible to communicate with any device connected to the internet. In addition, IP addresses allow laptops and tablets to communicate with websites and streaming services, as well as information websites of the identity of the connecting user.

Your device’s IP address ensures that other devices on the web can connect with it and identifies its physical location. This is useful when a website tries to adapt to your needs by altering its language or offering you things readily available in your country, for example. In addition, streaming services may also use your Internet address to display the content that is appropriate for you based on your location.

Your IP address can go quite near to pinpointing your location, even if it won’t be exact. Your town, postal code, internet provider, and longitude and latitude may all be determined from your IP address. Consider using a VPN to hide your IP address if you don’t want the entire world to know roughly where you are.

How To Find The IP Address Of Your Phone?

how to find cell phone IP address

The fundamental procedures you can take to locate your mobile device’s personal IP address on your local network are listed below.

How Can You Locate Your Android Phone’s IP Address?

To locate the IP address of your Android phone, follow these instructions:

  • Open up your Android device first.
  • Then, open the settings of the device.
  • Select the Wi-Fi option from the list.
  • After that, click additional settings.
  • You can find your IP address and other network details on the new page. The IP addresses can be seen at the page’s bottom.

Note: Join your wifi network before you can follow the above steps.

Depending on the Version of android and UI you are using, these procedures may change.

How Can I Find My iPhone’s Address?

You can take the following steps to determine your iPhone’s IP address:

  • Open your iPhone first.
  • Next, select Wi-Fi under Settings.
  • Next, tap and connect to your local network if you aren’t already connected.
  • To access the network’s options after connecting, tap the network’s name.
  • The IP Address field is presented beneath the IP Address heading on the new page.

How Do I Geolocate Someone With Their IP Address?

geolocate someone with their cell phone IP address

The quickest way to find someone’s location using their IP address is demonstrated below:

The request is a straightforward HTTPS request, as you can see. Only your access key and the Internet address you want to identify are required. This is how the response object appears:

The given IP address is covered in great detail in the return object. It includes information about the continent, the nation, and the region, as well as their codes. With this extensive knowledge, you can create a geolocation software application that uses user geolocation data. In addition, you can read more about locating someone with their IP address.

Below is an example of a lookup using jQuery:

How Can I Protect Myself From Cyberattacks Using A Global Positioning IP Address Tracker API?

In the battle against cyberattacks, using IP address tracker APIs is currently gaining popularity. The precise location of your users can be found using a geolocation IP address tracker. When connecting to your app or website, the IP address tracker API determines the user’s exact coordinates and geo-parameter. Using this information, you can determine whether the connected IP is on a blacklist due to a criminal record or other shady behavior. You can therefore prevent certain clients from accessing your service.

You can track your users using IP address location API and analytics to identify safe vs. fraudulent behavior patterns. As a result, you can quickly block a user if they have previously attempted to hack or damage your system.

What Is The IP Address Tracker ipstack?

The ipstack APIs use the IP addresses of website visitors to locate and identify them. The REST API lets you quickly get details about a user’s geolocation, as shown in the previous paragraph. 

Ipstack offers premium and distinctive features in addition to the basic functionality of the IP address API. Several additional factors also influence its reputation as the top geolocation API. In this post, you can see more about the features of a good API.

Why Should You Use ipstack?

A comprehensive real-time IP to location API is offered by ipstack, which can assess security issues emanating from potentially risky IP addresses and look for precise location data. In milliseconds, the findings are delivered in JSON or XML format. The ipstack API can easily identify website visitors so that your user interface and application can be adjusted.

Because the ipstack dataset and API are connected with a number of large ISPs who frequently provide information about new and current IP ranges, ipstack has a very high level of accuracy in its IP data. In addition, after nine years of continuous optimization, the infrastructure supporting ipstack and the API has advanced to become incredibly scalable and effective, currently managing between 2 and 3 billion System calls daily.

The ipstack API’s dataset is regularly updated, with up to 24 database changes per day, as a result of Ipstack’s integration with multiple channels that provide real-time IP data. Over 2 million unique sites are supported by ipstack in more than 200.000 cities worldwide, and this number is growing daily. Additionally, this platform offers a Quickstart Guide that is useful for individuals who do not want to read through extensive instructions and complete documentation. The users can also access sample code written in JavaScript (jQuery.ajax) and PHP (cURL).

Now that you know a few crucial applications for an IP address tracker get started with ipstack immediately!

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