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Is Accurate IP Geolocation Possible?

ipstack for accurate IP geolocation data

IP geolocation refers to extracting a user’s geolocation data and parameters based on their IP address. This is possible because all internet service providers (ISPs) assign IP addresses to all devices on their network. A device can be a mobile phone or tablet, a router, a laptop, or a desktop computer. Using IP address information, it is possible to determine a user’s geographic location and other information. The question, however, is do these services provide accurate IP geolocation? The answer to this question depends upon the service you are using.

It is a common misconception that IP geolocation services do not provide accurate geolocation data. The reality is that a service such as ipstack by APILayer is very accurate and reliable. In this guide, we’ll discuss ipstack geolocation APIs and how you can benefit from them.

Why are IP Addresses Important?

IP stands for internet protocol, which defines how information is transferred over the internet or local network. An IP address is a string of numbers identifying networks, domain names and hostnames, and individual devices on a network. All cell phones, edge devices, routers, and computers with network or internet access have an associated IP address. The IP address, assigned to every single device, is unique — no two devices have the same IP address.

What is ipstack’s IP Geolocation API?

ipstack for accurate IP geolocation data

ipstack is a leading IP geolocation service provider using an Application Programming Interface (API). You can extract a user’s location data using their IP address. Using a reliable IP geolocation API with an IP address, you can determine a user’s region, country, time zone, street address, area code, and more. Here is an example use case  for ipstack’s IP location API:

The API requests IP geolocation data for the IP address This IP API is a REST API that returns a JSON object by default but you can also request data in XML format. Here is an example of the response object:

The location, time_zone, currency, and security contain detailed and accurate geographical location data regarding the given IP address.

Does ipstack Provide Accurate IP Geolocation?

Yes! ipstack offers the most accurate location data based on a user’s IP address. This API covers more than 2 million unique locations across the globe. It also has more than 200,000 cities in its geolocation databases. With this API you can access the physical location of all types of online visitors. This includes desktop, laptop, and mobile users who log in through their cellular network.

How Accurate is ipstack?

The ipstack IP geolocation database and API is integrated with a series of large ISPs. These database providers convey information about new and existing IP ranges resulting in a very high level of accuracy.

What are the Benefits of Using ipstack IP-Based Geolocation Services?

Using ipstack IP-based geolocation services has great benefits for you and your organization. Some of them include.

  • Reliable: ipstack is a partner with various ISPs. Hence, you get accurate and reliable access to all types of geolocation databases all year round.
  • Accurate: ipstack retrieves accurate geolocation data corresponding to an IP address. Whether you input a dynamic IP address or your input has static IP addresses, there is no compromise in the IP geolocation accuracy.
  • Secure: ipstack API is built using 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS). Hence, you get bank-grade security with ipstack.
  • Integration: ipstack offers a REST API to lookup IP addresses. You can easily integrate these APIs into your software or build a geolocation lookup tool.

What are Some Business Use Cases of ipstack IP-Based Geolocation Services?

Here are some popular business use cases of ipstack IP geolocation APIs.

How Does IP Geolocation Help With Content Personalization?

With ipstack geolocation API, you can personalize your content according to a user’s location. The user’s device IP address is the key to extracting their location information. Once know their city, country, and time zone, you can customize all their content accordingly. For example, you can show display everything in the user’s local language, show all prices in the local currency, and more.

How is Ad-Targeting Possible With IP Location API?

Using an IP address, you can retrieve all the geolocation parameters and redirect visitors to relevant ads or show them geo-targeted ads. This type of internet-connected computing has great benefits For example, if there are special promotions or deals in a visitor’s region, you can display this information.

Can I Prevent E-Commerce Fraud Using IP Geolocation API?

The ipstack geolocation API has a security module you can use to identify threats and site visitors with malicious intent. With IP-based geolocation, you can define the type of services that users from certain regions are allowed to access and place restrictions on others. You can also build an IP geolocation database with IP addresses that pose a potential threat to your system. Later, you can block all unwanted IP addresses or report them to your internet service provider.

Can ipstack Help Digital Rights Management?

Yes! You can use ipstack to manage access to digital information and copyrighted material. Also, many countries impose restrictions on the kind of content that can be downloaded by their users. Whether they use a mobile phone, desktop, or laptop, you can access their location and check if the material any user is downloading is legitimate and legal.

How Do I Sign Up For ipstack?

It is easy to sign up for ipstack. No credit card information is required. If you are happy with the service, you can subscribe to a regular plan.

Go ahead and make the most of ipstack IP geolocation services. Just enter your registration information and sign up for free!

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