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10 Must-Have Free APIs for Your Next Project

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Today, many web and mobile apps serve their users in many ways such as obtaining location data of users of an e-commerce application and providing weather information. These applications obtain most of the data they provide to their users from a web API instead of providing them themselves. For example, using the geolocation API to obtain location data or a Weather API that provides weather data. Today there are many free APIs for these and more services.

The security of free APIs used in applications and the accuracy of the data they provide is very important. For this reason, choosing the source from which free APIs will be obtained is a big responsibility. In this article, we will learn about the most popular method by which developers can obtain free APIs. Then we will list the most popular free APIs today.

What Is the Most Popular Way to Get Free APIs?

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It is possible to find a free API for almost any service on the Internet. However, using these APIs without knowing whether they are reliable or not can lead to major security vulnerabilities.

Reliable free APIs can be obtained from official sites of API providers, open source platforms such as GitHub, or API marketplaces. The most popular method of obtaining free APIs today is through a trusted API marketplace.

APILayer is also the most popular API marketplace today. APILayer provides all the APIs it provides to developers free of charge. It provides categories of APIs that can be used in almost any project. The free APIs it provides have a certain expiration date, but the fee policy is flexible and affordable.

Top 10 Free APIs

In this section, we will list the most popular free APIs used in web projects today.

Fixer API

Fixer API is a free currency API. It provides data for 170 official currencies around the world in milliseconds. It updates the data it provides with data obtained from official financial institutions, especially the European Central Bank, every 60 seconds.

Zenserp API

It is the SERP API listed under the APILayer and is most preferred by the developers. Zenserp scrapes SERP data from difficult-to-scrape search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. It also scrapes the YouTube search area easily.

The weatherstack API

The weatherstack API provides developers with almost any weather-related data. It provides both current and historical data for millions of locations. It has bank-level security.

The ipstack API

The ipstack API is the IP geolocation API used in many applications, especially e-commerce applications. It accepts IP address information as a parameter and provides location geo data corresponding to this IP address. The database with location data of the ipstack API is updated periodically.

The mediastack API

The mediastack API offers free news data from thousands of sources around the world. It supports more than 50 countries. Additionally, it provides historical news data.


With the OMDb API, developers can obtain movie information easily and freely. This API provides very detailed information about movies. It is the most popular movie API today.

Zenscrape API

Zenscrape API is a very powerful web scraping API. It has a large pool of proxies to enable automated web scraping processes. It also offers a location-based web scraping service.

Unsplash API

Unsplash API is a well-equipped image API. It offers 5 million photos to developers for free.

Filestack API

Filestack API is the most popular free file upload API today. It is used by more than 100,000 businesses and developers, including Coca Cola and SendGrid.

The pdflayer API

The pdflayer API is a free PDF converter API. It can quickly generate PDFs from HTML and URLs. It has powerful documentation that is constantly updated.


As a result, although there are many free APIs available today, it is very important that these APIs are reliable. Developers should be careful when choosing free APIs for their projects. All of the APIs we mentioned in this article are popular APIs provided by reliable sources.

Meet the most popular and reliable APIs on the market, and try them all for free.


Can I List My Own Developed RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) in APILayer?

A: Yes, you can. APILayer is an open API provider. It helps developers to list their APIs. Developers can start the process of listing their APIs on APILayer by clicking here.

How Can I Find a Free Public API for My Project?

A: There are many ways to obtain a free API on the Internet. Communities, GitHub, or API marketplaces. The most popular method preferred by developers is to obtain a free API from an API marketplace.

Are Free APIs Reliable?

A: The security of free APIs varies by API provider. For this reason, developers prefer free APIs offered from corporate and reliable sources such as APILayer, eliminating the security problem.

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