10 Must-Have Free APIs for Your Next Project

Today, many web and mobile apps serve their users in many ways such as obtaining location data of users of an e-commerce application and providing weather information. These applications obtain most of the data they provide to their users from a web API instead of providing them themselves. For example, using the geolocation API to obtain location data or a Weather API that provides weather data.
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Exploring the Benefits of Using Free Public APIs

Nowadays, systems and devices communicate with each other through RESTful API. A system simply obtains data by making API calls to another system. With this simple method, it is quite possible to find the API that provides the relevant data from the internet for systems and…

Top 7 Free Powerful Rest APIs For Marketers

In today’s digital world, marketers need different types of data to run effective marketing campaigns. For example, knowing the location of your website visitors is critical for targeted advertising. Similarly, search engine result page (SERP) data is essential for…