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APIs For Marketers: Top 7 Free REST APIs

Apilayer API marketplace for finding best free powerful REST APIs for marketers

In today’s digital world where customers have several options at their disposal, effective marketing is at the heart of business success. Marketers need different types of data to run effective marketing campaigns. For example, knowing the location of your website visitors is critical for targeted advertising. Similarly, search engine result page (SERP) data is essential for successful digital marketing. However, collecting such information manually is time-consuming and involves high costs. Fortunately, various powerful free REST APIs for marketers are available to make these tasks easier.  

From Google SERP Scraping to email validation, marketers worldwide now use marketing APIs for different purposes.

In this article, we’ll show you seven powerful APIs from the APILayer API marketplace that you can use for successful digital marketing.

What Are Some Of The Best Free Powerful REST APIs For Marketers?

Here is the list of free APIs for marketers from the APILayer marketplace:

1. Ipstack Free Powerful REST API

Ipstack- one of the best APIs for marketers

Ipstack is a leading free IP to geolocation API. It allows you to find the location of your website visitors based on the IP addresses of the electronic devices they use to access your website.

Here are the key features of Ipstack that make it one of the best IP to geolocation APIs:

Highly Accurate

Getting accurate IP-based location data is crucial for marketing and advertising campaigns. That’s why Ipstack ensures you get highly accurate real-time data of any IP address, be it IPv4 or IPv6. The powerful API uses reliable and trusted sources, including large ISPs. Moreover, it covers over 2 million unique locations in 200,000+ cities worldwide to ensure data accuracy for any IP address.

The API also offers a bulk lookup endpoint that you can use to fetch data of up to 50 IP addresses simultaneously.

Real-Time IP To Geolocation Data

Time Zone, Currency, And Security Modules

Ipstack free REST API also comes with three additional useful modules: 

  • Time zone: With the time zone module, you can get your customers’ time zone information based on their location.
  • Currency: The currency module allows you to request currency data of the location returned against an IP address.
  • Security: The security module helps access threats and risks originating from a particular IP address.

How is ipstack/IP Geolocation Data Helpful to Marketers?

IP to geolocation data is valuable for digital marketers as it helps provide a personalized user experience. For example, you can customize content for users and display relevant product offers based on their country, city, or region. Similarly, you can run location-based targeted advertising campaigns. For instance, if a business is launching a new product or service in a particular area, it can use this data to ensure that its ads reach the right audience in that location.

Moreover, IP geolocation APIs for marketers can be used to segment audiences based on geographic location. This segmentation can help marketers better understand regional preferences, behaviors, and trends. IP to geolocation data is also helpful in redirecting users to web pages translated into their language. 

2. Zenserp Google Search API

API integrations - Zenserp powerful API for scraping Google SERPs

Next on the list of top APIs for marketers is Zenserp API. Zenserp is one of the leading free-to-use APIs for scraping Google SERPs in real-time. The API has a free plan that gives you 50 free API requests. Once you’ve consumed your free requests, you can subscribe to a paid plan.

Here are the key features of Zenserp:

Organic And Paid Results

Zenserp API provides accurate organic results for a query. These include the title, URL, destination, description, and position of the post. It is also capable of returning all types of Google ad results.

Image, Video, and More Results

Zenserp can provide all image results for a search query and also returns videos as part of the organic results. It also supports image reverse search results. Additionally, zenserp API is capable of providing news and shopping results.

Location-Based Results And Fast Response

The Zenserp free REST API also lets you obtain highly accurate geolocation-based search engine results. The API is powered by a strong infrastructure, which allows it to return results in real-time.

Learn how to use Google search API in Python.

How is Zenserp/SERP Data Helpful to marketers?

SERP data is valuable for marketers in various ways:

  • By scraping SERP data, marketers can identify popular keywords and search queries related to their industry or niche. This information helps understand what topics are trending and which keywords to target in their content and advertising campaigns. This helps rank websites higher on Google, which in turn increases website traffic and conversion rate. 
  • Marketers can also use SERP data for competitor analysis. They can analyze the search engine rankings of their competitors and identify which websites are ranking highest for relevant keywords. They can then assess their content strategies and adjust their SEO strategies accordingly.

3. Marketstack

APIs for marketers - marketstack REST API

Marketstack is one of the best free APIs for marketers to get worldwide stock market data. The free, powerful REST API is capable of providing real-time and historical stock market data in easy-to-understand JSON format.

Here are the key features of marketstack:

Real-Time, Intraday, And Historical Data

With marketstack, you can get accurate real-time, intraday, and end-of-the-day stock market data to know where the market currently stands. The API is capable of updating data every minute, every 5 minutes or every 10 minutes, depending on your subscription plan and configuration.

Marketstack API can also provide historical market data from 30+ years, which helps understand trends and make informed decisions.

70 Global Exchanges

When you integrate marketstack API in your apps or website, you can make use of over 170,000 worldwide stock tickers. The API covers 70 global exchanges, including NYSE, Nasdaq, and more.

Splits And Dividend Data

The marketstack API also has a ‘split’ endpoint that gives you information about the stock splits factor for different symbols. There is also a ‘dividends’ endpoint to look up information about the stock dividend for different symbols.

How is Marketstack/Stock Market Data Helpful to Marketers?

Stock market data APIs for marketers can be incredibly helpful  in various ways:

  • Marketers can use stock market data to gain valuable insights into market trends. These can include individual stock movements, overall market performance, and sector performance. Understanding these market dynamics can help marketers make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. 
  • Marketstack provides access to real-time and historical stock data for thousands of companies. Marketers can use this data to track the performance of competitors’ stocks, monitor changes in market share, and identify emerging competitors. This information helps with competitive analysis.

4. Disposable Email Detection API

Disposable Email Detection API is a simple yet powerful API that allows you to detect disposable and fake email addresses. 

Here are the key features of Disposable Email Detection API:

Detects Throwaway Email Addresses

In addition to identifying fake and disposable email addresses, the disposable email detection API can also detect throwaway IDs. A throwaway email ID is an ID that a user uses only once or twice. Sending emails to such IDs can negatively impact your marketing campaigns.


The API detects fake email IDs quickly and accurately. It is updated daily and features the most up-to-date database.

Free To Use

The disposable email detection API comes with a free plan that gives you 50 API requests per day. If you want more API requests, you can choose a paid package.

How is Disposable Email Detection API Helpful to Marketers?

When you send promotional emails to fake/disposable IDs, the bounce rate is high, while the click-through rate is low. Hence, detecting such email addresses and removing them from your mailing list is essential for successful marketing campaigns. In other words, using the disposable email detection API, you can ensure you have a clean database with genuine emails. This helps with effective marketing campaigns.

5. Mailboxlayer Free Powerful REST API

APIs for marketers - Mailboxlayer free powerful REST API

If you’re looking for a more advanced email validation API, mailboxlayer is the best choice. The mailboxlayer checks and verifies email IDs at the point of entry into your system.

Here are the key features of mailboxlayer:

  • Real-time email verification
  • Email syntax and typos check
  • Capable of detecting disposable, temporary, throwaway, and catch-all email addresses
  • Bulk email verification
  • Detects role email addresses
  • Capable of separating free email addresses from individual domains

If you want to learn more about how you can use mailboxlayer for effective email marketing, check out this article.

6. Social Media Assets Generator API

Images are an essential part of social media platform marketing and advertising as they increase user engagement. However, different social media services accept different image sizes, and doing this manually can take a lot of time. This is where you need social media assets generator API. The powerful API resizes and creates images with appropriate sizes for all major social media platforms.

The social media assets generator API free powerful REST API supports the following social media platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr and more

7. Userstack Free Powerful REST API

Userstack API

Next on our list of best free APIs for marketers is Userstack API from the APILayer API marketplace. The userstack API allows you to detect any browser, device, and OS in real-time. 

Here are the key features of the userstack API:

Single and Bulk Lookup

The userstack API allows you to look up a single User-Agent string as well as bulk User-Agent strings to accurately detect the device, browser, and operating system information.

Highly Accurate

The API uses a daily updated and constantly monitored User-Agent database to ensure high accuracy.

Easy to use

The userstack free powerful REST API is super easy to use, and you can implement it in less than 10 minutes. The API also comes with extensive documentation that explains each API event, method, and endpoint in detail.

How is Userstack API Helpful to Marketers?

Userstack can be helpful to marketers in various ways:

  • Marketers can use userstack to ensure that their websites are optimized for the browsers, devices, and operating systems that their target audience commonly uses. This helps deliver a better user experience.
  • Userstack data can help marketers deliver responsive designs that adapt seamlessly to different devices.
  • By understanding the devices and operating systems their audience is using, marketers can tailor their advertising campaigns to target specific device types or platforms. For example, they can create mobile-specific ads for users on smartphones or optimize email campaigns for users on particular email clients. 

Some other popular APIs for marketers include Google Ads API, Google Analytics API, and Facebook Ads API.


Marketers can use various types of API for different purposes, such as improving marketing campaigns, targeted advertising, competitor analysis, improving SEO strategies, and more. In this article, we’ve explored the top seven APIs for marketers from the APILayer API marketplace and have discussed how these APIs help with better digital marketing efforts.

Ready to improve your marketing campaigns? Sign up for APILayer free API store today and use your favorite free powerful REST APIs.


What are APIs in marketing?

There are various APIs that can be used for improving marketing campaigns and strategies. For example, you can use an IP geolocation API like ipstack for location-based effective targeted marketing.

What is API in SEO?

You can use an API (application programming interface) like Zenserp SERP scraping API to conduct SEO analysis, such as identifying popular keywords and search queries, and improve your SEO strategies accordingly.

Why is API important in marketing?

APIs like IP geolocation APIs, SERP scraping APIs, etc., can help with effective marketing campaigns. For example, you can use IP geolocation data for content personalization and targeted advertising. 

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