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How To Use Google Search API In Python

How To Use Google Search API In Python

Google is the most used search engine, and every business wants to rank high on it. That’s why businesses need to scrape SERPs (search engine result pages). This data helps improve SEO rankings and site visibility by providing meaningful insights on top content ranking. By analyzing organic and paid results, you can also use this data to see how your competitors are performing. However, scraping SERP data manually is time-consuming and can generate inaccurate results. This is where you need a Google search API. If you’re looking to use Google search API in Python, zenserp is the best choice.

Zenserp is an efficient Google search API that lets you scrape accurate SERP in real-time. The powerful API comes with several endpoints and supports standard search, news search, image search, maps search, and more. In addition to Google, the API covers all other major search engines.

What Is A Google Search API?

A Google search API scrapes Google SERPs and returns valuable organic and paid results. Some APIs can also scrap Google images, news, maps, and shopping search results. Efficient Google search APIs like zenserp also give you customization options, such as custom country, location, and language. Additionally, they also allow you to select the device type.

Use Google search API in Python by customizing localization

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Why Use Google Search API In Python?

Python is among the most used programming languages for building robust web apps and websites. If you’re a web developer, you must’ve used Python. Using Google search API in Python, you can get accurate search engine results pages for different queries. 

SERP data is valuable for all types of businesses, small or large, who want to rank higher on Google and increase their website’s visibility. This is because it helps you with Search engine optimization (SEO), which is the key to increasing website traffic. For example, you can analyze higher-ranking posts for a specific query and improve your posts accordingly. A Google search API can also help check ads for particular keywords and understand the trends. You can also scrape and collect reviews about different products to further understand the trends.

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Which Google Search API Should I Use?

While several options are available in the market, zenserp leads the pack with its fast speed, high accuracy, and many features. Additionally, the zenserp API can handle a high volume of search results without compromising performance.

Zenserp Google search API can scrape the following search results:

Organic Results

Organic results are one of the key elements of SERP because they get the most clicks.  These results depend on different factors, such as keywords, web traffic, backlinks, etc.  Zenserp API returns accurate organic results for a query and provides useful information, such as title, URL, destination, description, and date.  It also tells the position of a post on Google.

How to use Google search API in Python to get organic search results

Image Results

Zenserp can return all image results for a specific search query or a certain set of keywords.  It also supports image reverse search results.

News and Video Results

Zenserp API also returns inline news and videos as part of the organic results.  It provides the description, thumbnail, and target URL of the news search result and the title and URL of the video.

Paid Results

Google returns paid results or ads in search results of different search queries or keywords.  Zenserp is capable of returning all types of Google ads, and it also shows their position on the search result page.

Shopping Search Results

Zenserp can return all shopping results for a specific query.

Here are some other SERP snippets that zenserp supports:

  • Local results
  • Map results (return information for local businesses like restaurants, stores, etc.)
  • Related questions/People also ask results
  • Knowledge graph
  • Answer box Results, including calculations, dictionary, weather reports, and much more
  • Google shopping product page (provides access to shopping product pages by their product ID)
  • New SERPs are continuously added to the API as they are released

Is It Easy To Use Google Search API In Python?

It depends on which Google search API you’re using. Some APIs are difficult to use and aren’t documented properly. Zenserp, on the other hand, is pretty easy to use and returns results in real-time. The API comes with an efficient request builder to help you get started quickly. The request builder converts your requests into production-ready code snippets.

Additionally, the zenserp Google search API comes with extensive documentation of all the details about the API’s endpoint. The documentation also consists of code examples in different programming languages to make things even easier for you.

How To Get Image Results Using A Google Search API?

Below is a sample python code for getting image results for query “Pied Piper” using zenserp API:

Can I Use Google Search API In Python To Get First 100 Search Results?

Zenserp Google search API python returns the first ten search results by default.  However, you can increase this number to 100 using the num parameter.

You can use the following python code to get the first 100 search results:

How Can I Use Google Search API In Python To Get All Search Results?

Google typically returns 300 search results for a query.  You can use the pagination feature of the zenserp Python Google search API to get all of these search results. You can use the python code below to get 101-200 search results (we’ve discussed how to get the first 100 results in the previous section):

Can I Use Google Search API In Python For Free?

If you’re looking for a free Google search API, you can use zenserp‘s free plan.  With the free plan, you get 50 requests per month.

Zenserp also offers many pricing plans that you can choose as per your requirements:

  • Small : This package is perfect for hobby projects.  It gives you 5,000 searches and supports all SERP types.
  • Medium : This plan gives you 20,000 searches and supports all SERP types.  It also comes with additional features, such as batch endpoint, bulk index checker, keyword search volume, keyword CPC and more,
  • Large : This plan gives you 50,000 searches and supports all SERP types.  It also comes with many other useful features, such as batch endpoint, bulk index checker, keyword search volume, keyword CPC and more.
  • Very Large : This package is great for large SERP projects.  It gives you 120,000 searches and supports all SERP types.  It comes with several other useful features, such as batch endpoint, bulk index checker, keyword search volume, keyword CPC, personal support, custom queue, concierge onboarding, and more.

Also, there are high volume plans to buy according to your requirement.

Ready to scrape search engine result pages in real-time?  Head over to zenserp today and boost your SEO ranking!

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