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Build a Search Engine Ranking Startup with APILayer

You can build your own SEO business by using Google Search Engine API. Learn how to launch your SEO based startup and take your place in the market.

Shining at the top of Google Results page with your brand’s name… It is the dream of all marketing and growth teams of any company. But that’s not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there are proven ways and methods that allow you to make your wish come true: It’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are so many tools and services people use for tracking how their business is doing in Search Engine Ranking results. Are they enough? The business growing around it shows us that it certainly is not. Then why don’t you get a share from that huge pie?

P.S. SEO is a huge area of expertise, one can write endless lines of ideas and examples on it, we’ll just focus on some of the most important concepts.

How can I build a SEO based startup easily?

Startup concept is actually a project or an idea that can be transformed or merged into another service in the long run. If you’re interested in Search Engine Analytics, data processing and monitoring; you can easily start with the help of a single API and see if there are any further opportunities and you can decide whether you want to spark off your business on it.


Build your Business on Google Search Results API

A single Google Search Results API scrapes whatever result appears on Google for you. It allows you to choose any country, language, device and Google domain (e.g. google.co.uk) you want and extracts organic and paid results that can be interpreted by ingenious minds into great services. You can build a tower of ideas on this single concept.

Let’s set an example. There are tools, take SE Ranking for an example, that track a brand’s search engine ranks, its search index status, website traffic analysis, its competitors’ monitoring results and provide a full stack service by adding up some features offering a monthly subscription for it. They use keywords, URLs, domains to create various kinds of reports to give an insight of that company’s SEO potential.

Another SEO tool is SEMrush, defining itself as an “Online Visibility Management Platform” that provides all of the abovementioned services, plus many marketing solutions like content marketing by using the company’s SEO audits and its Comparative Competitive Intelligence. They also have subscription plan both for SEO reports and marketing solutions.

To put it in a nutshell, the sky’s the limit of what business model you can implement on the data you get from it.

Own a Strategy

Do I need a SEO Strategy too?

Small or big, it really doesn’t matter. Agencies, franchises, local or international business owners from all over the world, even – and especially – startups need a tool to track their own and competitors’ data to find a way up to the top of Search Engine results. Why don’t you claim a place in the market?

About APILayer

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