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Free Real Time Foreign Currency Exchange Rate API with Currency Conversion

Technology has brought many innovations. Today, transactions that used to take days can now be done in seconds from a mobile phone. These developments have led to progress especially in finance and investment instruments. Investors or businesses can make instant conversions between hundreds of currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, precious metals from a single point.

The number of service providers continues to increase today. There are more than one services to be used especially in the field of finance.

There are services that provide exchange rate information of hundreds of official currencies around the world and also allow conversion between currencies. These services provide currency conversion API service. One of the most popular services providing currency conversion API is Exchangerates API.

What is Exchangerates API

Providing Currency converter API service, Exchangerates API also offers Exchange currency API service. It offers exchange information and currency conversions in real time. Although it provides this information in real time, it brings to mind that a late response may be received from the service, but it provides much more data in just milliseconds.

Exchangerates API, which provides Currency conversion API service, offers both conversion and exchange rate information of more than 200 official currency information around the world in real time. Exchangerates API provides reliable data with more than 15 exchange rate data sources. Exchangerates API provides exchange rate data for over 200 world currencies. This API has several endpoints, each serving a different purpose, use case. Endpoints include functions such as getting the latest exchange rate information for a specific cluster or all currencies; conversion from one currency to another; Getting data for multiple or one currency Time series and maintaining API daily for fluctuation data.

With the Exchangerates API, you can instantly access the historical data of the currency you want to learn in milliseconds. Thanks to the historical data feature offered as realtime, you can easily attract investors to your application.

While Exchangerates API provides instant data to its users, it updates the data it provides with the information it receives from reliable data sources every 60 seconds. This means that instant data is presented to users every minute in real time.

Integration to PHP Programming Language

Before integrating the Exchangerates API, which provides real-time exchange rate information and currency conversions, into the project, you can choose one of the affordable packages on the official website of the Exchangerates API and register. As a result of this registration process, you will obtain the API key needed to use the service Exchange API.

After obtaining the API key, you can paste the following codes into the PHP project.

After this code runs, the following information will be printed to the application console.

Thanks to the powerful documentation of the Exchangerates API, a fast integration is possible like the example above.


With the Exchangerates API, which provides the same currency conversion and exchange currency services, you can serve real-time currency conversion and instant exchange services to the outside world through your applications

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