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5 Shipping APIs

5 Shipping APIs

There are many domains that make up the system in e-commerce platforms. Such as order, cart, payment and shipment. The heart of e-commerce platforms is the shipping process. If users have decided to buy products from your e-commerce platform and have purchased this product, you should handle the shipment transactions perfectly in order not to adversely affect customer satisfaction.

You can also use popular shipping APIs in your projects, which include your own rules for shipping and you can choose to be responsible for the code. Shipping APIs are API integrations that facilitate delivery services. It can be used in your projects for everything from small simple tasks to large multi-step tasks.

This article will list the 5 most popular Shipping APIs in the market.

It is one of the most preferred shipping APIs in e-commerce platforms. EasyPost’s reliable, scalable and flexible multi-carrier shipping API enables e-commerce businesses worldwide to ship with ease. Easypost guarantees 99.99% uptime for the shipping API it provides. This API is also powered by artificial intelligence.

Another frequently preferred shipping API is the uShip API. With this API it allows you to get instant shipping estimates for your customers based on the products in your message. You can increase your customer base with fast, easy and low-cost shipping options anywhere in the world.

FedEx Corporation, formerly Federal Express, is an American company that provides worldwide air-to-ground transfer, cargo and logistics services. It is among the most respected company groups in the world. By integrating FedEx’s API into your business system, you can automate processes such as creating shipping labels, estimating shipping times, and tracking shipment status.

The API provided by ShipEngine provides significant time and cost savings to e-commerce businesses. You can access local, regional, national and international shipping services with the ShipEngine API. They have detailed documentation for developers and a support team to help you if needed.

A shipping API that is frequently preferred in today’s e-commerce systems is the API provided by Easyship. Easyship API allows you to add seamless, fast and easy shipping options to your applications worldwide. By integrating the Easyship API into your applications, you add end-to-end shipping functionality to your business.


In e-commerce applications, the area where the responsibility is greatest is the shipping part. You can give this responsibility to reliable sources with the shipping APIs we mentioned in this article.

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