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How To Add a Currency Converter to Your WordPress Website

WordPress; It can be defined as a content management system that allows opening and managing a website without the need for any programming knowledge. WordPress offers a lot of freedom to the person. Plugins that meet all requirements; SEO systems are offered in a wide range of settings to be made and security improved within the site.

Today, the number of websites that provide currency converter API services is increasing. These websites are the best WordPress environment where they can offer currency converter service quickly.

With a plugin to be used in the WordPress environment, a currency converter can be added to the website quickly.

Let’s see how to do it.

Integrating Currency Converter To WordPress

First of all, it is necessary to login to the wordpress website with an existing membership. Enter the backend of the website you want to add the Currency converter service to, and click ‘Add New’ from the ‘Plugins’ tab. Then we find the ‘CBX Currency Converter’ plugin, install it and activate it.

After activating, we find ‘Currency Converter’ in the ‘Settings’ tab and click on it. On the page that appears, necessary adjustments can be made regarding the CBX Currency Converter plugin. Currency converter needs to get currency conversion information from a service that provides currency converter API service. We select Alphavantage.co from the Api Source field on the Settings page. Then we go to the www.alphavantage.co website and get a free API key. We paste the API key we obtained into the Alphavantage Api Key field on the Settings page and press the Save Changes button.

To show the currency converter service we have prepared on the website, we click on ‘Widgets’ from the ‘Appearance’ tab and find and select the CBX Currency Converter plugin. We click on CBX Currency Converter, select the sidebar where you want the currency converter to be, and then click Add Widget. Then we click on the ‘Save’ button and save the changes we have made.

We go to the website to check whether the changes we have made are reflected on the front of the website.


It is possible to feed the CBX Currency Converter plugin with services that provide many more currency converter API services. You can easily add the currency converter service to your WordPress projects, where the installation is very simple and fast.

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