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Addicted To Email API? Us Too. 6 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop

email api

Nowadays, it is essential to send emails to relevant clients through marketing campaigns to boost conversion rates. However, we must ensure that our database is free of fraudulent email addresses for these campaigns to succeed. As all of us know, this is where an efficient email API can be helpful. However, not all Email APIs live up to your expectations. It ensures that our database will only contain genuine email addresses and client contact details.

Furthermore, an email validator API checks the validity of email IDs to remove fake ones from our system. As a result, our business rapidly grew by emailing the right customers and high-value contacts. Mailboxlayer offers a simple REST-based JSON API for inspecting and validating email addresses extensively. Thus, most people consider it to be the best email API. In this article, we will give you 6 reasons why we don’t want to stop using the email API.

Does Our Email API Provide Secure Data Streaming?

We don’t want our database to be compromised by security threats when connecting to an API. Hence, we should establish a secure connection, preventing hackers from intruding on our system. Mailboxlayer supports the industry-standard 256-bit HTTPS encryption technology. Thus, we can interact with it securely by adding an extra ‘s’ to the HTTP Protocol. So we’ll need to use https:// instead of http://. It will encrypt standard HTTP requests and responses using SSL, resulting in secure data streaming.

Can It Verify Bulk Emails?

Businesses have the email addresses of a large number of customers and clients. However, manually confirming each email ID takes a long time, wasting our money and time. So we need a way to validate these email addresses rapidly and efficiently. That’s where the bulk email verification of the Mailboxlayer API comes to help us. Users of the Enterprise Plus package may simultaneously utilize this functionality to request email verification for up to 100 addresses. Simply insert different email addresses split by a comma into the base URL of the API to get Mailboxlayer to validate multiple email addresses at once.

Can We Boost The Effectiveness Of Email Marketing Campaigns?

Reaching out to new clients via email is one of the most effective marketing strategies for acquiring new customers. The goal of these emails is to convert potential clients into paying customers. However, it is only possible if we send emails to the proper and actual clients who are likely to open them. This is where a strong email check API like Mailboxlayer comes in handy. The Mailboxlayer API allows us to validate email IDs as they arrive in our system. It first checks for syntax errors when validating an email address. This validation includes comparing the email ID with regular expression criteria like the email address syntax.

Do We Want To Save Money?

Many people are unaware that email validation and verification can help us save money. However, it can be considered one of the best reasons to use an email API. The reason is that storing a large number of email IDs in our database, both authentic and false, and sending them in bulk costs money. So, we can have fewer but even more important email IDs in our systems by removing the phony email IDs from our database, which means less upkeep and cost. There are four different plans for Mailboxlayer: free, basic, professional plus, and enterprise plus. We can make 100 API queries each month on the free plan. Unfortunately, it only offers minimal technical assistance. The basic subscription is required to get limitless assistance. It also allows users to make 5,000 requests each month.

Does It Detect Temporary Email Accounts?

Temporary email accounts are those that expire after a certain period of time (usually 48 hours). Typically, these IDs are used to activate accounts or get passwords, and scammers sometimes use these accounts. So, it’s critical to detect and eliminate such accounts from our mailing list, as they can increase our bounce rate. One may discover such email accounts by using an efficient email check API like Mailboxlayer rather than manually figuring them out. The Mailboxlayer API verifies whether the provided email address utilizes a disposable email service such as trashmail.com or mailinator.com and outputs a ‘disposable’ object with the values’ true’ or ‘false.’ Refer to the documentation for further details.

Is It Possible To Keep Emails From Being Marked As Spam?

A bad email-sender image or low email provider score is one of the most common reasons for emails being marked as spam. The sender’s score ranges from 0 to 100, depending on his trustworthiness and reputation. The number of times our emails bounce back, commonly known as a “hard bounce,” is another important factor that lowers our sender grade. The hard bounce indicates that our email was not delivered due to an invalid, fraudulent, or outdated email ID. The easiest method to avoid hard bounces is to verify and validate email IDs in any mailing list with a trustworthy email check API like Mailboxlayer, which can instantaneously check the validity of an email ID. Mailboxlayer also uses MX-Records and the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to assess the presence of an email address (SMTP).

What Does The Mailboxlayer Offer?

Mailboxlayer is quite safe and efficient. It works with both 256-bit encryption and the lightweight JSON format. It also includes additional features like SMTP verification, free email provider screening, and syntax checking. Furthermore, this API is quite simple to integrate into our applications. The documentation is straightforward, and the monthly plan rates are also relatively low. If you want to know more about mailboxlayer, you can read their FAQ or contact them. We will use Mailboxlayer for our services indefinitely, and we suggest you do the same.

Mailboxlayer is fast, safe, and simple to integrate into web applications. You will never regret using them. Try it for free now.

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