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Email Address Validation API: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Email Address Validation It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Email address validation is crucial for your business. This is because the practice ensures you only send emails to authentic customers with valid IDs. By validating email addresses, you can eliminate the issue of undeliverable messages and guarantee email deliverability. That is why you need an email address validation api.

But, is it difficult to perform email verification? Does email verification require a lot of coding? Is it very technical?

Not at all. Using an email address validation API is effortless. It also doesn’t require much coding at all. 

You don’t want to send emails to fake clients with invalid email addresses because that leads to high bounce rates which damage your sender reputation. This is because, with a low sender reputation, your email will end up in the receiver’s spam folder. It will never be opened. As a result, your marketing campaign will fail miserably.

But which is the best email verification API? This post will point you in the right direction. 

Mailboxlayer - email address validation API

What is email address validation API?

An email validation API is a tool that automatically looks for mistyped or false email addresses, domains, and disposable email IDs on your mailing list. They can entirely eliminate the invalid email IDs from your database. In addition, an email validation API can increase the deliverability of your emails. This means you won’t have to worry about your “sender reputation” being damaged.

Why should you use an email address validation API?

  • Eliminate fake email IDs from your mailing list and identify genuine customers
  • Reduce hard bounces and protect your “sender reputation.”
  • Boost deliverability rate and make your marketing campaign successful
  • Prevent fraudulent activities during sign-up

Which is the best email address validation API for 2024?

The best email address validation API is Mailboxlayer. It uses advanced technologies like syntax, typo, and SMTP verification, to eliminate fake and inactive email IDs from your mailing list. Mailboxlayer can also identify free email address providers, like Mailinator, which is very popular among spammers. Overall, Mailboxlayer has all the features you need to keep your mailing list clean with authentic email IDs.

How can Mailboxlayer help you effortlessly validate email addresses?

Mailboxlayer allows you to implement verification technology into your web application with just a few lines of code. The integration process takes just a few minutes. It is hassle free to implement. Once implemented, Mailboxlayer assigns a deliverability score for each ID so you know which email addresses are genuine.

Let’s try making an email address validation API request with the following email address: [email protected]

You get this response:

As you can see, the “format_valid,” “mx_found,” and “smtp_check” fields are set to true which indicates an authentic email address. Also, the “free” field is set to false. This means the email address is not from a free email address provider like Mailinator. Finally, the deliverability score is set to 0.8 out of 1. This means the email address has a very high chance of reaching the recipient. 

How can I integrate Mailboxlayer email address validation API into my web application?

Mailboxlayer supports a variety of languages, including PHP and JavaScript. Its integration process is straightforward. You just need to follow these steps depending on the framework you are using

How can I integrate Mailboxlayer into my PHP web application?

1. First, you have to set the API access key, which you can get for free from here.

2. Then, you have to initiate CURL.

3. You have to store the data and close the CURL session.

4. Next, you have to decode the JSON response.

5. Now, you can get access to your preferred validation results objects, like format validity, SMTP check, and deliverability score, by using these lines:

Overall, the code will looks like this:// set API Access Key

How can I integrate Mailboxlayer into my JavaScript web application?

1. First, you have to set the API access key and the email address you want to verify.

2. Now, you can verify your email address by making an AJAX call.

3. Then, you can get access to the validation result objects by using this code:

The code looks like this:

Should you use Mailboxlayer in 2024?

Mailboxlayer is a free, simple, and powerful REST API. It helps you quickly and effortlessly validate email addresses on your mailing list. It is also highly secure thanks to 256-bit HTTPS encryption. The documentation is straightforward and easy to understand so you can quickly integrate Mailboxlayer into your application. Overall, it is the best email address validation API on the market so you should definitely consider using Mailboxlayer in 2024 and beyond. 

Mailboxlayer is a powerful email address validation REST API. It helps you to measure email deliverability and quality effortlessly. Try it now for free.

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