Email Address Validation API: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for performance enhancement in 2024. But did you know nearly 20% of emails never reach their intended recipients and end up in the receiver’s spam folder? One major factor hindering email delivery is the presence of invalid addresses within email lists, as nearly 7% of global consumers provide fake email addresses. Email validation API…
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Email Service API: Expectations vs. Reality

Sending emails to the correct clients is essential for any marketing strategy to improve conversion rates. However, for your campaign to be effective, you must guarantee that your database does not contain any false email addresses. This is when an effective email API comes…

The Ultimate Guide To An Email Checker API

Whenever you use a weather app or even Facebook or TikTok on your phone, you are using an API. Most modern web applications use APIs to exchange information between your phone and a server. APIs can serve many purposes. For example, an email checker API prevents you from delivering emails to incorrect or false email addresses by analyzing and reporting if each email address exists. You may have…
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