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Apilayer becomes a founding member of the API3 Alliance

As a leading API provider, we understand how important it is to give greater access to data and API services and to continue bolstering the API economy. With that in mind, apilayer is proud to announce that we have officially joined the API3 Alliance as one of its founding members. The API3 Alliance is a strategic coalition of 100+ like-minded API providers committed to bringing API data and services to the Web3 economy. 

In partnership with API3, we will enable our APIs to be used directly by consumers on Web3 without using external oracle operators to implement the necessary middleware to make our data and services compatible with the blockchain. By collaborating with API3’s expert team, apilayer will create first-party oracles across our services to bring our functionality to developers of decentralized applications and Web3. 


We are excited by the breadth of opportunities this partnership opens up for Web3 consumers and dApps. Not only will this collaboration benefit our business, it will play a major role in building the Web3 API economy and enabling decentralized applications to thrive. The possibilities for dApps will be endless as we provide direct access and compatibility with the blockchain to our finance data services (such as currencylayer.com), location-based services (such as ipapi.com), weather services (such as weatherstack.com), and our entire portfolio of APIs and microservices.

We look forward to enabling our APIs on the blockchain by creating first-party oracles across our product offerings over the coming months. Similarly, we are excited by what this brings to the Web3 API economy and look forward to our journey as part of the API3 Alliance. 

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