Generating PDF Documents: pdflayer Vs. pdfgeneratorapi

The portable document format or pdf is the industry standard for creating and exchanging documents. The format is remarkably versatile. Pdf files can be viewed on all types of devices on almost all operating systems. Whether you are an individual user or a corporate client, you need to have a pdf generation tool readily available to you.

If you are looking to integrate pdf generation into the app you are developing, then read on to find out why you should choose the APIs offered by In this article, we will compare the services offered by both and

What Are The Subscription Plans Offered By And

Both and offer different subscription plans at different. Here is a comparison table listing each plan and its corresponding price per month. is the cheaper option for all plans and offers a 20% discount on yearly subscriptions, making it very reasonable. Another attractive feature is that its ‘free’ plan has no expiry time.  
Plans Price 
($/ month)
Plans Price 
($/ month)
Free 0 (forever) Free 0 (valid for 3 months)
Basic 9.99* Starter 59
Professional 39.99* Basic 99
Enterprise 119.99* Professional 199
    Premium 399
    Enterprise 699
* 20% discount on yearly subscription

In terms of costs, this is our overall rating for the two services:

Overall rating in terms of costs

How Do API requests/month Compare For And

An important feature for any API is the number of API requests per month a client can make. In the case of both and, one API request means one pdf document generation request. Here is how the two services compare in terms of API requests per month:  
Plans API requests/month Plans API requests/month
Free 100 Free 2500
Basic 1,000 Starter 2,500
Professional 10,000 Basic 10,000
Enterprise 1,000,000 Professional 25,000
    Premium 100,000
    Enterprise 250,000
Comparison in terms of API requests/month

If we look at the above table, we can see that offers great deals on the number of monthly API requests. The professional package is only $39.99/month, with a significant 10,000 API requests/month. Compare that with, whose basic package is more expensive at $99/month and offers the same number of API requests.

Our overall rating in terms of API requests/month is as follows:
API requests
per month
Overall rating in terms of API requests/month

How Do And Compare In Terms Of APIs

Both and serve data via HTTP or HTTPS requests. Both services require a user to have an API key. We found’s API requests to be simpler, having just three parts: a base URL, the required parameters (API key and input HTML), and finally optional parameters.

Here is an example query from their website:’s queries are more complex. They require knowledge of templates and workspaces. Because of these requirements, a pdfgeneratorapi user needs to use an editor provided by to create templates and fulfill the API’s requirements for their documents. Here are two examples taken from their website, that require either a template or a workspace. As you can see using the pdfgeneratorapi is simply more complicated.

Here is how we compare the API related features of the two services:

API Feature
Ease of use Good Involves learning about workspaces, templates, and data for pdf generation
Documentation Good Good
API HTTPS requests HTTPS requests
Input for document generation URL of HTML page Or raw HTML Templates + data
Code samples included
Sandbox mode for testing APIs
Comparison table w.r.t. API related features

Here is our overall rating when it comes to API related features:

API syntax
and related
Overall rating in terms of API structure and related features

How Do And Compare In Terms Of PDF Features

We have divided pdf features into two categories: Document specific features and pdf-specific attributes.

Comparison in Terms of Document Specific Features

The table below shows a list of various features and how and compare.

Convert HTML directly to pdf x (will require templates)
Supports images in pdf
Supports charts and graphics in pdf
Document layout can be changed. Layout includes page size, dimensions, margins, headers, footer, etc.
Change color schemes ✔ (via CSS injection) ✔ (via templates)
Different text encoding UTF-8 only
Comparison in terms of pdf document features

Comparison in Terms of PDF Specific Features

Some features are pdf specific. The table below lists those features and shows how the two platforms compare.

Pdf specific features
Change DPI (dots per inch) resolution x
Change zoom factor x  (will need to generate a different template for each zoom factor)
Change page numbers x (no direct command. Programming required for changing the data field)
Add watermarks with different opacity levels x
Pdf encryption ✔ (both 40-bit and 128-bit)
Pdf authentication
(can a password be embedded in the pdf file)
Comparison in terms of pdf specific features

Overall this is how we rate the two services in terms of pdf document features and pdf-specific attributes. The rating for for pdf-specific features is low as it has fewer document-related features and limited or no pdf-specific features.
specific features
Pdf specific features
Overall rating in terms of document features and pdf specific features

What Is The Overall Summary and Rating Of Vs.

The table below summarizes our overall rating for the two platforms in terms of various features.

More expensive plans
API requests per month
API requests per month
costs more
API syntax
and related

Requires learning about templates
and workspaces

specific features

Features can only be
changed via templates
or document data
Pdf specific features
Little or no pdf specific features
Summary table of overall rating

From the above table, we can see that has a clear edge over could be for you — if you want to generate specialized documents with an online editor. However, this would come at a higher cost with limited or no pdf-specific features.

On the other hand, the platform offers reasonable prices, simpler APIs, great pdf document features, and good pdf-specific properties. Even novice developers can easily call their APIs in their choice of programming environment.

If you are looking to integrate a reliable, secure, and cost-effective means of generating high-quality pdf documents into your software, then sign up now for a free trial at

Disclaimer: The information is correct at the time of writing this blog. The subscription plans, prices, and features can change with time.