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App Store Search API: How To Optimize Your App’s Visibility

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The popularity of iOS, the operating system developed by Apple for mobile devices, is increasing day by day. In response to this increasing demand, developers are constantly developing and publishing iOS-compatible applications on the App Store. According to the latest research, there are currently 2.234 million applications in the App Store. Developers are looking for ways to highlight the applications they have developed among these applications. The concept of App Store API, in other words, App Store Search API, has emerged for this very reason.

After the developers got acquainted with the App Store API, competition increased in the market. While the rank of many applications in the market increased, many of them have started to decline. In this article, we will get to know the App Store API and then mention its advantages.

What is App Store API?

App Store

The App Store API is also known today as the App Store Connect API. It is the scraping of data of applications from Apple’s App Store by means of an API key. The detailed data gained helps developers in many ways. This API mostly provides data in JSON format, and in case of an error, it provides a detailed error message for the relevant error.

App Store Connect API presents application data in a very detailed way. It can provide app key ID, app metadata, app permissions, pricing info, screenshots URL, certificates, downloaded details, and more. It can also be easily integrated into developer tools and automated processes can be created.

Developers can easily access target app data and perform App Store Optimization thanks to the detailed data provided by the App Store Connect API. So let’s take a look at why App Store Optimization is so important.


  • In-App Purchases and Subscriptions: This functionality empowers developers to administer in-app purchases and auto-renewable subscriptions seamlessly within their applications. 
  • TestFlight: TestFlight facilitates the management of beta builds of applications, along with the testers and groups participating in the testing process. 
  • Xcode Cloud: Xcode Cloud functionality provides developers with the ability to access and review data pertaining to their projects within the Xcode Cloud environment. This feature enables developers to manage workflows, defining and automating the steps involved in building, testing, and deploying their applications.
  • Users and Roles: This functionality enables developers to effectively manage team members within their developer accounts, inviting users to join their teams, assigning specific roles and access levels, and revoking access as necessary.
  • Provisioning: The provisioning feature allows developers to manage essential app provisioning tasks, including bundle IDs, capabilities, signing certificates, devices, and provisioning profiles.
  • App Metadata: This feature empowers developers to create, update, and manage metadata associated with their applications, including versioning, App Store information, and app submissions. 
  • App Clip Experiences: App Clip Experiences functionality allows developers to create and manage lightweight app snippets, offering quick access to specific functionality without the need to download the full application. 
  • Reporting: This feature provides developers access to comprehensive sales and financial reports for data-driven decisions and maximized application success and profitability.
  • Power and Performance Metrics: Power and Performance Metrics functionality enables developers to access aggregate metrics and diagnostics for their application versions on the App Store. 
  • Customer Reviews and Review Responses: This functionality allows developers to monitor and manage customer reviews for their applications, as well as respond to customer feedback. 

Why is App Store Optimization Important?

apple iphone home page

App Store Optimization (ASO) refers to a set of technical and strategic actions taken to increase the visibility and download count of mobile apps or games in mobile app stores (such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). In fact, it is similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Google or other browsers.

Today, ASO transactions are usually done with data from the App Store Connect API. It includes optimizing factors such as app name, keyword selection, app descriptions, app icons, app images, and comments to make the app rank higher in the store.

Since there are high returns in terms of earnings, many businesses and developers today upload the apps they have developed to the markets with ASO.

What are the Benefits of App Store Connect API?

Accessing the details of apps with the App Store Connect API and using ASO techniques in your own application with this data has many advantages for businesses and developers. These:

  • Automated Processes: The API allows developers to automate various processes for managing apps on the App Store. This includes tasks such as submitting new app versions, managing in-app purchases, updating app metadata, and responding to customer reviews. Automation can save time and reduce manual effort.
  • Visibility and Download Boost: Developers access information of target apps with App Store Connect API. Then the developers analyze the detailed information this API provides. Developers using ASO techniques with analysis results make the app appear in higher rankings in stores. They can even make a great app clip with the data they get. Therefore, it allows it to be discovered by more users. This helps to increase the number of app downloads.
  • More Revenue: The right combination of App Store Connect API and ASO techniques directly increases the number of downloads of the app. More downloads help increase app revenues. In addition, the increase in purchases made by users also increases application revenues.
  • Custom Reporting and Analysis: Developers use the API to create custom reports and perform in-depth analysis of app metrics. By retrieving specific data points and metrics relevant to their business goals, developers can gain insights into app performance, user behavior, and market trends. Custom reporting capabilities enable data-driven decision-making and optimization.
  • Competition: ASO can be used to compete with similar mobile apps. Having the app rank higher in the store can attract more attention and download more than similar apps.

How to Get API Keys for App Store Connect API?

The App Store Connect API is available in many API markets. It is possible to find App Store Connect API in APILayer, which has the most qualified APIs and blogs today.

For example, we can enter the App Store API and easily view the relevant subscription plans in the pricing tab.

App Store API subscription plans to get an API key

App Store API

We can easily get an API key by signing up for one of these plans.

Elevate Your App’s Reach: Optimize with App Store Search API!

App Store Search API empowers developers to enhance their app’s visibility and discoverability on the App Store. The App efficiently manages in-app purchases, streamlines beta testing with TestFlight, and gains valuable insights through analytics. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your app to the next level. Search the app store or APILayer marketplace to get started with the App Store Search API. Optimize your app’s visibility and engagement to elevate your app’s reach and drive success.


The Android App Store Search API offers developers access to vital App Store data. Integrating ASO techniques with the App Store Connect API empowers developers and businesses to stay ahead in the competitive app market. It drives more revenue and increases user engagement. Developers can effectively navigate the complexities of the App Store and maximize their app’s potential.


Is the App Store Search API accessible to all developers?

Yes, the App Store Search API is easily accessible to all developers. Developers can access the API documentation and utilize its features to enhance the app’s visibility on the App Store.

Can I track my app’s visibility and performance using the App Store Search API?

Yes, you can track your app’s visibility and performance using the App Store Search API. The API enables you to monitor apps ranking in search results for specific keywords and search terms, analyze user engagement metrics such as downloads and impressions, and track changes in visibility and ranking over time.

How can I ensure that my app remains visible and relevant amidst changes in search algorithms?

It’s essential to stay informed about updates and trends in app store optimization best practices and search algorithms to ensure that your app remains visible and relevant amidst changes in search algorithms. You should regularly monitor app performance metrics to enhance your app’s visibility and competitiveness in the app marketplace.

Where can I find the App Store Search API?

You can find the App Store Search API on the marketplace APILayer. Before integrating it into your application, review the documentation and terms of service provided by the API provider to understand its capabilities, limitations, and usage guidelines.

Are there any pricing plans for accessing the “App Store Search API” on APILayer?

The pricing plans for accessing the App Store Search API on APILayer come with Free, Starter, Pro, and Custom Plans.


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