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Explore the World of APIs: The Ultimate Free API List in 2024

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APIs are a technology designed to move data between systems, and it has taken web development processes one level further. Today, APIs also mean retrieving data for many applications. Due to all these developments, free APIs have started to come to the fore today. For this, developers started to work with free API lists from many sources for their projects.

API marketplaces were created to provide developers with the Free API listings they need. With these APIs, developers can obtain fake data and work with real data in development processes without paying any fee. The most significant advantage of this is that the developers can access the data they need quickly with a single API request. Otherwise, they would have many responsibilities, such as collecting, recording, maintaining the required data, and increasing accuracy. In this article, we will look closer at the most popular API marketplace that provides free APIs and the 5 most popular free APIs in 2024.

What Is the Most Preferred API Marketplace That Provides Free API Products?

There are many free API providers on the internet today. In addition to these, many open-source platforms, such as GitHub list free APIs.

The first criterion that free APIs should have is their reliability. Unreliable free APIs hurt businesses in many ways. For this reason, not every free API available on the internet should be directly integrated into projects.

Today, APIs with a high level of security and the highest level of accuracy of the data they provide are listed under APILayer. It is the API marketplace that developers and businesses use the most. It provides API products for almost any category or need. Additionally, every API product that is provided under APILayer has a free subscription plan.

Some Best Free APIs

In this section, we will list the free APIs available in the market and the most frequently preferred by businesses. An API key is required to use these APIs for free.

The ipstack API

home page of the ipstack api from free apis

The ipstack API is the most comprehensive IP geolocation web service available today. It provides the geo data corresponding to the IP address of its users. The geo data it provides contains quite extensive information. Location’s time zone, currency symbol, and more. In addition, the database that the ipstack API has millions of address data is updated regularly. In this way, it provides high-accuracy data.

The coinlayer API

home page of the coinlayer api

The coinlayer API serves the cryptocurrency world as one of the most popular domains today. This API is a public API that provides instant crypto rates of more than 385 cryptocurrencies. In addition, this API provides historical data for these cryptocurrencies up to 2011. For this reason, the coinlayer API also allows the users of many crypto money applications to perform analyses with historical data.

The weatherstack API

The weatherstack API is another popular open API used in many applications. It is an extensive weather API. The weatherstack API provides current and historical data for millions of locations around the world. It is a weather API used by many companies, such as Microsoft, Warner Bros, and Schneider Electric.

Zenserp API

home page of the zenserp api

Zenserp API is a web scraping API service that allows users to scrape SERP data from search engines. Today, it quickly scrapes SERP data, which is the value of search engines such as Google, Yandex, and Bing. Thanks to the proxy pool, it does not allow any pause and blocking in the web scraping process.

The numverify API

home page of the numverify api

The Numverify API is a simple API for validating mobile phone numbers. Businesses that do not want to ensure data security and send data to incorrect addresses prefer this API. It supports phone numbers in 232 countries for free. It is the number validation API frequently used by many international businesses such as Huawei, Business, and Zoho.

To sum up, it’s possible to find free APIs today that provide almost any data developers need. With these APIs, developers were able to perform software development processes without any financial or additional development costs. Choosing reliable sources for free API selection is the most important role for the developers.

View all products in APILayer, and quickly start using the API product you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Is the Free API (Application Programming Interface) Important in Web Development?

A: An open API contributes a lot to web development processes. First of all, no payment is required to use this API. Then web developers obtain fake data using this API and reduce error rates in development processes.

Q: Does APILayer Provide Free APIs?

A: Yes, it does. APILayer lists public APIs and developers can sign up for free plans of these public APIs. With API keys, developers can use these public APIs for free.

Q: Is There a Usage Limit for a Free REST API?

A: Yes, it is usually. Many API providers place usage limits on the free open APIs they provide. So, API calls made by developers to these free open APIs are limited.

Q: Where to Get a Secure Free RESTful API?

A: There are many sources for developers to obtain open APIs. However, the most preferred resource among these resources is the APILayer API marketplace. The freemium APIs listed under APILayer are top-of-the-line security.

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