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YouTube API Key | How Do You Get It in 2024? Tutorial + Examples

How Do I Get A YouTube API Key

Youtube plays an important role in the promotion of business. We may think of promoting our business by uploading videos on YouTube. But there is another way to do it without using YouTube videos. We can use YouTube API to promote our business, rather than uploading our videos. If we want to get real-time search results, we can also use the SERP API.

SERP API is an easy-to-use API, but let’s clarify all our basic concepts about the YouTube API key in this article. We can use the YouTube API to embed the existing YouTube content on our site. But how can we do it? You don’t need to create your content and waste time. Rather, you can use the existing content. Let’s take a look at what an API can do for us.

getting youtube API for youtube videos and youtube channel from youtube feed

What Is A YouTube API? Why Do You Use It?

A YouTube API key can help us generate immense value by adding a broad range of YouTube features and functions. It has become almost impossible to manage the data due to the immense increase in its size. At the same time, processing and managing the data is a critical aspect of our businesses. This is where we need to use APIs.

authenticated user's channel from web server with one or more comments in node js

The YouTube API can help us improve efficiency by breaking the gaps between data and the system. We can use Youtube data API for purposes like:

  • Testing authorized and unauthorized requests
  • Searching content
  • Managing playlists
  • Updating the channel’s videos or settings
  • Uploading the videos.

YouTube doesn’t provide all these services without control. It can give us a unique access key to benefit from its interface. And therefore, we must know what is an API key.

Zenserp YouTube Search API

Zenserp YouTube Search API makes us able to scrape search result pages. We access the video meta information by using this API. Zenserp YouTube API contains plenty of use cases, such as:

  • Rank Tracking

  • SEO Optimization

  • Trend Analysis

  • And much more

The best part about this API is that we get a free plan and easy-to-follow documentation to use this API. Moreover, it supports different programming languages to ease the work of developers. Some amazing features of Zenserp YouTube Search API are:

  • Pagination

  • Filters

  • Geolocation searches

  • Date range search

The small plan starts at $29 and goes up to a very large one at $399 per month.

a programmer works on a laptop

APIs can also be in the form of SOAP and REST. So we need to know SOAP vs REST to choose the right API for our business. Let’s learn about the data we can get using a YouTube API key.

What Data Can You Get Through A YouTube API Key?

The standalone YouTube embed codes may not give us the scalable and comprehensive data that a YouTube data API gives us. We can retrieve search results, user uploads, and even entire playlists by using YouTube data API.

HTTPs internet feature resource

We can also add the functionalities of YouTube to our website. Moreover, it can help our users manage channel subscriptions through the website. Some amazing benefits of YouTube data API can make it all a little clear. These benefits are explained below.

What Are the Benefits Of Using A YouTube API Key?

Many business owners and marketers have not implemented YouTube APIs into their businesses because they lack knowledge of the benefits of using a YouTube API key. We can say that it is all about the time consumed to create high-quality video content. Typically, what other businesses do is that they create videos and upload videos on their channels. The purpose of doing this is to gain likes and customers.

But it is surprising to know that this is not the only way to promote our business.

The best youtube API gives power to your business

We can take the help of YouTube API keys to do it for us.

Let’s dig into the benefits of using it for our business:

  1. We can benefit from the existing YouTube content and save time
  2. Youtube is the most popular and most used social media platform
  3. We can increase our dwell time by featuring YouTube content
  4. It can also give us a higher conversion rate for our visitors to the website

Apart from all these benefits, it is important to note that we can only use one API key for one project. We need to generate more API keys if we want to use them for more than one website or project.

Benefits Of Using A Youtube API Key

How To Get A YouTube API Key?

Getting a YouTube API key is not a complicated process. We just need to follow some simple and easy steps. First of all, we need to login into Google Developers Console. It requires a Google account. So we need to ensure that we have created one.

For instance step 1 to get metadata description in python

In the second step, we need to click on create project given in the top right corner. We must add the project name, organization name, and location URL in this case. We can also continue without adding the name of our organization and its URL.

net functionality log in step 2

Once we create a project, we need to click on explore and enable APIs by navigating to the getting started option.

step 3

Then we need to search for Youtube data API v3:

step 4

Click on the required API and enable it.

step 5

Then we need to create a credential as under:

step 6

Here, we will get a screen showing the API key:

step 7

Then, we need to click on Done.

step 8

Troubleshooting API key:

Sometimes, we may also face glitches in our YouTube API key that leads it to not functioning properly. It can also stop working if we do not use the right project’s key. So we need to ensure that we are using an API key for the right project.

youtube api problems solving

If our YouTube API still doesn’t work, then we should create a new API key. The best part about a data key is that we can also use it for the live-streaming of our businesses. But we must access YouTube Live Streaming API for this purpose.

youtube api

What Is The Cost To Use It?

It is important to note that the cost of our key is based on the quota usage. For every new project, we can access 10,000 free daily quota units. We can also determine the quota costs by using the quota calculator. We can request higher quotas in case we need more queries. However, the pricing may also vary.

youtube api key

How To Use The YouTube API On Your WordPress Website?

Using the key on our website is very simple and doesn’t require special technical knowledge. It is an effective way to promote our business by curating YouTube content. To use the key, we need to use the following WordPress plugins:

  • VideographyWP
  • WonderPlugin
  • Automatic YouTube Gallery
  • Feed Them Social
  • WP YouTube Live
using it on wordpress


Is it free?

It is free up to a particular number of requests for data. We are charged a predominant amount of points at each request. And we can access 10,000 points per day.

What is it used for?

We can use it for the existing content on YouTube to promote our business.

Does it cost money?

No. It doesn’t cost you money.

Does it have a limit?

It gives you a default allocation of 10,000 points daily.

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