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How To Build The Ultimate Foreign Exchange Rates App For Windows

Fixer.io is a lightweight API for current and historical foreign exchange rates. It is a great source of FX information because it draws data from 15+ exchange rate data sources. Fixer is also trusted worldwide and used by big tech companies.

If you are looking for reliable FX data, then here are some of the reasons why the fixer.io is perfect for your exchange rate api

  • 170 World Currencies
  • Trusted Sources
  • Bank-Level Security
  • Reliable JSON API
  • Easy API Integration To Any Platform
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Historical Data
  • and more

Get your free API access key!

Fixer.io provides a free subscription plan with limited functionality so you can test out the API in your development environment. In addition, it is easy to use. If you want to find out for yourself, then just head over to the subscription page and sign up for the Free plan.

How to use the Fixer API?

Now, after you have your API access key, you can open the REST Debugger and test it out. Let’s do that together. Run the RAD Studio and open the tools menu and start the REST Debugger.

After you get a response from the endpoint, you can click the column data from the grid and tick the Nested option. Then, click the Apply button. Once you have done that, you can copy components and paste them into the form.

Next, select the RESTRequest1 component. Using the actions on the context menu you can send a request to the API endpoint and also play with the data in the design time.

How to Present Response Data in UI Controls Without Coding?

With the LiveBindings Designer, you can link any data source to your UI controls. You can also control the properties of the components by linking them with other components.

This is how:

Once you get a response from the API endpoint, open the LiveBindings Designer and bind your components to a source, for example, TListView, TGrid, or any other UI component.

After you have done that, this is the result. You have linked your response data to the TGrid component.

If you want to see more, then you can head over and check out the source code files here in this repository.

Be sure to check out the leading foreign exchange rates and currency conversion API – Fxier.IO

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