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How to Create a Phone Number Verification Web App Using Node.js

a person holding a piece of paper in his hand. he plans to integrate the free phone number verification api into his node.js code.

Verifying users’ personal data online is of critical importance today to ensure the security of both users and platforms. Authenticating users is typically done through email addresses, phone numbers, or other unique information. These verification processes increase the reliability of accounts while also preventing the creation of spam accounts. In addition, the verification process protects users’ accounts and enables platforms to provide a more reliable service to their users. Nowadays, businesses use Node.js phone number validation applications for free phone number verification.

The phone number verification process generally relies on phone number verification APIs. These APIs were developed to verify users’ phone numbers. Using these APIs, businesses can verify phone numbers from more than one country in a single place. In this way, businesses verify the real identities of users and users can access their accounts more securely. In this article, we will first introduce a very popular free phone number verification API preferred by thousands of businesses. Then, we will develop a Node.js phone number validation application with this API.

Exploring the Numverify API: What You Need to Know

home page of the numverify free phone number verification api

Numverify API is the best phone verification service used to verify phone numbers and retrieve information. This API, an APILayer product, is preferred by global businesses such as Huawei today. One of the features this API offers is that it allows users to verify their phone numbers, keeping only correct and valid information in the database. In this way, while the user database is being cleared, free temporary phone numbers are also available, and you can also prevent creating a fake account. This API supports 232 world numbers. In this way, it can be used for global processes.

Other advanced features offered by the numverify API include verifying phone numbers according to international number plans, operator and line type detection, and location information query. These features provide more detailed verification of phone numbers and provide users with a more secure communication experience.

Additionally, the numverify API has a budget-friendly pricing policy. The API allows you to verify 100 phone numbers monthly for free while offering convenient subscription options for those who want to verify more. In this way, users can receive verification services tailored to their needs while protecting their budget.

As a result, the numverify API is a reliable tool with advanced features it offers to verify users’ phone numbers and retrieve information. The simple and secure structure of the numverify API allows users to easily integrate and use it while providing solutions that meet the needs of users with the advanced features it offers. Therefore, the numverify API can be considered an important tool for verifying user data and ensuring a secure communication environment.

Phone Number Verification API: Typical Use Cases and Scenarios

Phone number verification APIs typically verify the validity and accuracy of phone numbers with data received directly from telecommunications providers. This verification process increases the security of users and platforms in different scenarios. Here we will talk about some of the scenarios used with this verification method.

Contact Information Verification

When creating or updating a user account, platforms often want to verify the accuracy of the phone number provided by the user. Confirming that the phone number actually exists and is active ensures that communication channels are solid and reliable. In this way, platforms can reach their users with accurate information and reduce risks such as fraud.

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Financial Transactions and Security

Especially in financial applications or e-commerce platforms, verifying users’ phone numbers is an important security step. Phone number verification provides an additional layer of security for users to access their accounts or conduct financial transactions.

Customer Communication and Verification

Companies and customer service teams can use phone number verification APIs when communicating with customers and performing transactions that require authentication. Verifying customers’ phone numbers increases the reliability of communication and ensures the accuracy of customer information. It also creates an additional layer of security against fraud attempts.

Starting Node.js Web App with Numverify API

Numverify is a unique web service that can be easily integrated into all major programming languages today. Node.js is one of the most common programming languages into which this API is integrated and used. In this section, we will integrate the numverify API into the Node.js programming language.

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Initialize the Project

Follow these commands to create a project folder, initialize it with Node modules, and configure it using the project config file.

Firstly, let’s open a terminal and type this command to install the required node packages.

terminal screen for node.js project initializationterminal screen for installing required libraries

Here is the project structure. You should download or copy the static files from the source code.

folder structure of the node.js application

Get a Free API Key

To perform phone number verification with numverify, we first need an API key. To do this, let’s sign up for the free subscription plan it offers and get an API key.

Review the Endpoint

This is the endpoint we are going to utilize. Its response structure is pretty straightforward.


After we have successfully got an API access key and created the project structure shown above, we can copy the source code to the main app.js file.

For better development, we can also add a nodemon package that reloads the application when there is a change in the source code. In this case, we installed nodemon when we were initializing the project above.

Here is the change we need on the package.json configuration file.

code section of the package.json


Start the web application with this command:

The output of the application is below:

output of the node.js phone number verification application


All in all, phone number accuracy is an essential element for safe and accurate communication on online platforms. Tools like numverify API help users verify their phone numbers and thus ensure data integrity. This verification process ensures that user databases are clean and up-to-date, while also allowing problems such as fraud to be effectively combated. Therefore, the importance of phone number accuracy is increasing, and APIs such as numverify make significant contributions to users in ensuring security and data accuracy in this field.

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Q: What is phone number verification and why is it important?

A: Phone number verification is the process of checking the validity of the phone numbers that users enter. This process generally ensures that users register with correct contact information, thus ensuring accuracy and reliability in communication. Especially on online platforms, using correct phone numbers prevents the creation of spam accounts and reduces risks such as fraud. Therefore, phone number verification is of great importance for user security and data accuracy.

Q: How can I verify a phone number using the numverify API?

A: Numverify API is a service that users can use to verify their phone numbers. Using the API, phone number verification is done by first sending a request to the API. Along with the response given by the API, the validity of the phone number, operator information, and other details can be retrieved.

Q: Can I develop a JavaScript-validated phone number application with numverify?

A: Yes, you can develop a phone number verification application with JavaScript using the numverify API. Numverify API has a RESTful structure and can therefore be easily integrated with web-based languages such as JavaScript.

Q: Is the numverify API free to use, and how does pricing work?

A: Yes, the numverify API has a free usage option. It offers 100 phone number verifications per month with the free plan. For those who want to do more verification, different subscription options are available. Pricing is generally in the form of monthly or annual subscriptions, and a fee is determined according to the amount of usage.

Q: Can the numverify API also verify international phone numbers?

A: Yes, the numverify API can also verify international phone numbers. The API has a large database of international number plans so it can verify phone numbers with different country codes around the world. Using the API, users can check the validity of international phone numbers and get detailed information about these numbers.

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