How Does a Phone Verification API Work

You must have seen that a phone number is requested during registration on an application or website. The accuracy of the mobile phone number entered by the users during registration is very important for the application. Wouldn’t you like to learn how your system will detect a user who wants to register to the system with a missing character or an incorrect number? Read on to learn about a…
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How To Validate A Phone Number In Your PHP Web App Using An API?

Phone number validation is all about quality over quantity. For instance, if you have hundreds of non-functional or one-time phone numbers on your list, there is a chance that the leads in your sales can get lower. So, valid phone numbers in your customer list can generate significant leads. Here in this article, you will learn how to validate a phone number. Validating phone numbers is…
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How Much does it cost to build your own API?

What can an API do for my company? Companies often hire programmers to make some of their data or software capabilities available to the public and other businesses. The company creates an API which “exposes endpoints,” a portion of the language they’ve used to build…

10 Signs You Should Invest in Automation Through APIs

Over the past decade, APIs have become essential for modern businesses and application development teams. They empower developers to easily add new features to their apps by facilitating connectivity with varied sources like databases, devices, or even other APIs. APIs also help companies streamline their business process through automation and deliver better customer experiences. But should you…
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NumVerify vs. Twilio – Which REST API is Suitable for your business?

In today’s business world, a lot of things are automated and complex. As a result, how quickly and efficiently a company overcomes that complexity can make or break it. One of the most efficient ways companies nowadays simplify their business processes is with REST API integrations.  With a well-designed and implemented REST API, your business can handle large data traffic with an…
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