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How To Create a Weather Web App Using Node Express and WeatherStack API

WeatherStack API is a leading API service that gives accurate weather information for any location. You can retrieve real-time or historical world weather data in seconds.

This is what we are building today using a weather data api:

We have several posts and tutorials about WeatherStack API and comparisons of other different weather data APIs. You can learn more about them here:

In this tutorial, we are going to show how we can integrate WeatherStack API into our Node.js web applications!

Before starting make sure to head over and sign up for a free subscription plan right now. This gives you a free API access key that you can utilize to call the API endpoint.

Starting Node.js Web App

You can follow these commands to create a project folder, initialize it with Node modules, and configure it using the project config file.

Note: you must have NODEJS installed on your machine.

Open your terminal and type this command to install the required node packages.

Here is the project structure. You should download or copy the static files first.

For the final configuration, you need to open the package.json file and make changes like this. When you make changes to the source code it restarts the application.

Here is the main section which has all the required actions, like fetching the data from the WeatherStack API and sending it to the view.

As you can see in the code, you can send any country name as a string to the request URL to check the weather data.

Be sure to check out this tutorial also that shows you how to develop a cross-platform weather application in Delphi FireMonkey.

Check out the full source code here

Head over now and get your free email verification plan on WeatherStack!

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