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How To Filter Search Results In Your Google Image Search API?

Google image search API for laptop

Since Google discontinued the Google image search API, it has been challenging for businesses and developers to obtain the picture data they want for their projects. So we looked at a broad range of possibilities, from the pricey and fully featured Google Images APIs to the more basic but incredibly cheap proxy solutions that let you create your own bespoke Google Image API at a far lower price.

A fantastic tool for various use cases is Zenserp, a Google search API. For example, you may use it to scrape pictures from search engine result pages. This article will discover why Zenserp is the best Google Image Search API.

What is Zenserp?

While ZenSERP primarily serves Google, it also supports several other search engines. The markup used by search engines like Google is complex and often updated. Zenserp adapts to changes in SERP markup using deep learning techniques. As a result, we can safely claim that the platform is always changing to satisfy customers’ growing demands.

What are the features of Zenserp?

Google image search API for mac

ZenSERP results are very scalable. Given that Google processes hundreds of queries per second, this is crucial. You won’t get reliable results from a tool that is unable to handle that many queries. 

Zenserp is one of the few solutions for scraping that provides a bulk endpoint for quicker scraping. The platform’s robust architecture enables it to provide results quickly. Consequently, you won’t have to wait for the results to appear. You may conduct a location-based information search using Zenserp to obtain accurate and highly tailored results.

Zenserp provides realistic findings since it can mimic actual outcomes. The results are the same whether you search for a term manually or using the tool. Thus the outcome is dependable.

What are the advantages of Zenserp?

Some advantages of using the API are:

  • Zenserp has a solid infrastructure
  • It does not keep track of any consumer inquiries
  • Start for nothing; uptime of 99.9% guaranteed
  • The limit calculation does not include errors.

You have probably observed that not all Google search sites display the same results while conducting your searches. Depending on the search keywords they used, users receive a diverse collection of material.

These search engine result pages (SERPs) can include snippets for different sorts of information in addition to the standard organic search results, such as news results, sponsored results such as various Google advertising, related queries, knowledge graphs, and a certain picture or video results.

Finding what you’re searching for might be challenging when so much stuff is available. However, Zenserp handles automatically sifting through all of this data for you. Furthermore, integrating any new kinds of material introduced to the SERPs often refreshes the API.

Is Zenserp Compatible With Other Search Engines?

ZenSERP is adapted for Google and appears to function well with it. The feature of this tool that we loved the most was its ability to deliver results for news, photos, and other content in addition to basic and conventional results. Given that Google holds more than two-thirds of the market share among search engines, this will be sufficient for most individuals. However, if you prefer to use various search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, you may still use the tool because it is compatible with them. However, you might not be able to utilize all of the capabilities if you try it on a different search engine.

The API works with personal computers and Android and iOS smartphones. 

How To Use Zenserp to filter Google Images search?

Google image search API for you

A wide range of options and filters are available in Google Image Search. They’re all accessible via Zenserp.


Some of these filters include size, image type, color, and time filters. 

Size Filter

It filters picture search results according to image size. Available options are Medium, Large, Icon, and Custom, and the default setting is any size.

Image Type Filter

Color Filter uses color to filter results for images. The following settings are available for selection: Any shade, a palette of 12 hues, black and white, or transparency.

Image Type Filter

You may use this feature to filter clip art, line drawings, or gif files from the results of an image search.

Time Filter

You may use the Time Filter to sort the results based on the indexing date. For example, you can select the previous day, week, month, or year. Read more about time framing by clicking on the link to our blog. 

What Are The Other Features of Zenserp Image Search API?

The API keeps track of where our photographs appear on the SERP for various search terms. In addition, it offers brand protection by keeping an eye on who uses your logo and brand.  Zenserp builds a dataset using multiple images. Therefore, it is the ideal tool for our picture search API. Zenserp’s clients use the API in various small- and large-scale use cases.

Example Use Case

Shown below is an example of applying filters to return only linear art:

curl -X GET -G \
'https://app.zenserp.com/api/v2/search' \
-H "apikey: your-apikey" \
-d "q=Pied Piper" \
-d "tbm=isch" \
-d "tbs=itp:lineart" \
-d "location=Upper Manhattan,New York, United States"

// Replace 'your-apikey' with your personal key
// Set tbm to 'isch' for image results

// Specify a location for geolocated results
// Accepted Locations can be found at https://app.zenserp.com/playground

What Makes Zenserp Stand Out?

Google image search API for pc

The tool’s key selling point is its capacity to handle many SERP types. Some examples are:

Natural Results

Because more people trust SEO rankings, genuine traffic, dependent on search engine positioning, may be quite lucrative. Organic results cannot be changed, unlike paid results.

Companies invest thousands of dollars in ranking well on search engines. For this reason, they frequently collaborate with SEO agencies. These businesses require data to understand what kind of websites rank well and what measures are to be taken to assist a customer rank high organically. ZenSERP provides this function because it enables users to find organic results.

Paid Advertisements

Paid Google Ads are crucial since they may aid companies in making money. However, to get the most out of every advertising dollar invested, one must understand the kind of content clicked by users.

Businesses may learn what keywords to utilize to increase investment return by using SERP API scraping.


Users may utilize Google to look for the most recent events. News SERPs are in demand since many internet users want to read the news. To help businesses rank higher, ZenSERP may offer news page results.

Images and Videos

Despite popular belief, photos may now be optimized for search engines. Businesses invest thousands of dollars in stock photography and the proper keyword, META, and descriptions for their websites to rank effectively. In addition to this, ZenSERP may deliver video results. Google now has a section dedicated to videos. These outcomes can be highly significant since people frequently search for videos, including music videos and how-to videos.

Zenserp makes it simple and quick to scrape search engine results pages. As a result, it has never been simpler for its users to obtain SERPs. Zenserp does not utilize any search engine’s API and is not linked with or authorized by any search engine provider.

Zenserp performs all the duties associated with a scraping tool. So if you’re serious about learning about SERPs, try it out now!

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