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How To Search The Global Netflix Catalog And Scrape Data On Titles?

We’ve noticed over time that not all titles are being scraped by our scrapers. This is expected as Netflix makes it harder for us to pull information. But with the right service, like uNoGS API, you can tap into a big body of information in seconds.

We have developed this tool to make it easier for users to submit titles that our engines will evaluate and add if they are missing from a certain country, which will streamline the process of gathering all the most recent information.

What Features Does uNoGS API Provide?

Scrape Netflix Most Watched Shows and Movies Data

  • Scraping Netflix streaming data
  • Extract title list, web series episodes, and seasons from Netflix
  • Scraping Netflix video apps data
  • Extracting Netflix movies as well as TV show data
  • Extract buying and rental options of chosen streaming Netflix movies as well as TV shows
  • Search for deleted titles by country or title name
  • Search for people by title name, person name or Netflix ID
  • With these actionable insights, any media-based business achieves more growth and profits.

With this immense body of information about Netflix, you can create valuable media recommendations, news data about new movies, or the watch times of the film on Netflix.

This API is organized around REST. Our API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication and verbs. 

How to Use uNoGS API?

The best APIs provide extensive and clean documentation around their endpoints. uNoGS API also comes with excellent documentation. With straightforward documentation, you can start integrating APIs into your system quickly. 

How to Use uNoGS API
uNoGS API Documentation

Moreover, the APILayer marketplace provides API Live Playground to test all the endpoints in real-time on the browser for free, so that you can see how it performs and see implementations in various programming languages. 

API Live Playground

How to Integrate uNoGS API in your Delphi FireMonkey App?

Delphi is famous because of its productivity and fast development environment. 

Just get your copy of Delphi IDE for free here. Then start the REST Debugger with Delphi IDE, where you can test any API endpoint.

How to Integrate uNoGS API in your Delphi FireMonkey App?
Delphi IDE – API Integration Demonstration – REST Debugger

After successfully connecting to the endpoint, you can click the copy components button to get a pre-configured REST Client component, just to put them on the form and start sending requests and managing the responses without writing code.

Delphi IDE - API Integration Demonstration - REST Debugger
REST Debugger – Delphi IDE

As you can see, you need to execute and send a request to the API, and these components take care of all the other things.

Additionally, if you want customized requests, you can make customized requests by changing the request URL. 

Now you can save the project and build/run it to see the application in action. Here is the demo in action.

uNoGS API in Action

Head over and check out the complete source code here.

Moreover, check out these latest tutorials where you can learn how to automate various tasks using our APILayer APIs:

Why Should You Choose uNoGS API?

uNoGS API is one of the most powerful unofficial Netflix online Global Search services that you can find. With its free subscription plan, you can discover what you can do with it. I’m pretty sure with its exceptional endpoints on various functions, your system will be powerful and the informant as Netflix itself.

Are you ready to build apps using a fast and cost-effective JSON API for your global Netflix catalog service?

Ready to get started with uNoGS API? Sign up!

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