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Is OpenAPI the Gateway to DevOps Success

Is OpenAPI the Gateway to DevOps Success

Since Rest APIs are designed to be consumed, it is very important for the consumer to quickly integrate and use your Rest API. This is why API documentation is essential. Preparing documentation also feels like torture to most of us. Keeping the documents created up-to-date and ensuring their readability can be just as difficult.

When a consumer looks at the document, “What does this service do, what is its definition, what operations does it contain, how should these operations be used, what are the input and output parameters? ” should be able to get answers to such questions.

At this point, OpenAPI runs like a savior and becomes a solution to the problematic situation. Another important purpose of OpenAPI is to provide an interface for the Rest API. In this way, the conditions for viewing and understanding the features of Rest APIs are provided without the difficulty of people and computers to access the source code.

OpenAPI Specification & DevOps

The OpenAPI Specification, abbreviated OAS, provides documentation of Rest APIs. They provide a powerful documentation with all the information about the Rest API. HHTP methods of Rest APIs, parameters they take, return types, response models, authentication information. OAS provides a format that is very easy to review and read. It can be understood by both humans and computers.

DevOps can be said to be an abbreviation of the English words Developers and Operations. Development means “Development” and Operations means “Operations”. The person who put these words together and coined the concept of DevOps for the first time in 2009 is a web designer, Patrick Debois.

DevOps is a method for delivering services and applications quickly. The development method integrates with software development and operations for a single process focused on automation and streamlining.

The point of DevOps is to have a variety of minor improvements on an ongoing basis, rather than various periodic major releases. This process allows companies to seamlessly and efficiently create higher quality software products. The term “DevOps” is also sometimes used to refer to a company culture that facilitates effective communication, collaboration and integration between operations teams and developers.

The main advantages of DevOps in the current environment are as follows:

  • Effective automation of application version
  • Infrastructure automation options
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Faster delivery of features with agile frameworks
  • Quick problem resolution

There is a similar relationship between the core objectives of OAS and DevOps. Automation and communication.

Today API Gateways support Open API. API Gateway is an API management tool that stands between clients and backend servers / microservices. API Gateway works as a reverse proxy that receives API requests and redirects them to appropriate services according to various rules. API Gateway request limitation, statistics, authentication etc. It builds a top layer in front of your actual API servers by taking on various frequently used functions.

Since API gateways are the gateway to the system, they play a very important role in DevOps processes. With the benefits of OAS, you can have a direct impact on both your software and your DevOps processes, where the lifecycle of software revolves.

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