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The 5 Best Real Estate APIs

The 5 Best Real Estate APIs

The number of real estate websites is increasing day by day. Websites that provide real estate services online instead of traditional methods make people’s lives easier. With a single application, you can get the information of the houses for sale or rent in the city where you live, and you can see all the details without going there physically.

Zillow, Realtor, Fsbo and Foreclosure firms are some of the most popular sites in real estate that make people’s lives easier.

You may want to develop an application that provides online real estate services for the convenience of people. Worried about how to get the data needed for your application? At this point, you can get all the data you need from the services that provide real estate API service.

In this article, we will list the 5 most popular APIs that provide real estate API services.

Zillow API

With the Zillow API provided by Zillow, the most popular online real estate agency today, 110 million housing information in the database is provided very quickly. Defined as one of the 100 most influential companies in the world by TIME magazine, Zillow offers real estate API for free as long as its API users comply with the Zillow brand, requirements and terms of use.

Bridge API

Bridge API was acquired by Zillow. The company was also merged with Bridge Interactive, another company it previously acquired. With Bridge API, it acts as a bridge between MLS databases and your application or website. Bridge API gives developers access to listing data with a modern RESTful API.

ATTOM Property API

The ATTOM Property API provides developers with a valid API Key and property and property data in JSON and XML formats. ATTOM Property API empowers customers with better real estate data. It is in a distinctive position with the detailed real estate data it provides. It offers a lot of information such as ownership information, latitude/longitude, square footage, loan types, sales history, sales accounts, crime, schools.

Estated Data API

The Estated Data API provides fast and reliable information on more than 150 million homes in the United States. It returns more than 150 million housing information in JSON format. With the Estated Data API you can query multiple datasets based on over 250 different parameters.


SimplyRETS API is another popular service that provides developers and real estate agents with MLS listing and market data. Using the SimplyRETS platform, users can quickly access real-time residential real estate data to build real estate apps and websites. It provides 3 purchasing plans with flexible package options.


There are many APIs that provide the desired data for your real estate applications. You can use the popular real estate APIs that we mentioned in this article in your real estate applications with peace of mind.

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