How to Use the ScreenshotLayer and PDFLayer APIs to Create a Web Page Archiver

In today’s digital age, preserving web pages is critical for a variety of reasons, including compliance, research, and record-keeping. The ScreenshotLayer and PDFLayer APIs make it easier to build a powerful web page archiver. This post will walk you through the steps required to develop a web page archiver and demonstrate the capabilities of these two APIs in our API…
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What Are API Keys? (And Are They Secure?)

In the world of software development and web services, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) play a crucial role. An API facilitates communication between different systems and allows developers to access and interact with the functionalities of a particular application…

API Key vs. Token: What Is the Difference?

Today, developers and businesses frequently use APIs. APIs are a unique technology that allows them to transfer data quickly. For this reason, its use is increasing day by day. Recently, the security of public APIs has been on the agenda frequently. Developers and businesses…

How to Hide Your API Key

Today, the use of APIs in software applications has increased considerably. In particular, it started to meet the data needs of many businesses with a third-party API product. The widespread use of API has also created many security problems. Today, the security of APIs is fixed with an API key or secret token. Any third-party API product that many businesses use for their data needs is one of the…
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How to Use API Keys Securely in Postman

Data security has become one of the biggest responsibilities of businesses and developers in our age. Many applications retrieve, store, and display users’ personal information exclusively for the respective user. Today’s software applications actively carry this…

What Is an API Key? API Keys Definition and Meaning

An API or Application Programming Interface enables two applications to talk to each other. It is a set of protocols and functions that act as a middleman between two apps or software, allowing them to interact and exchange data. Using an API, an application can access…

What Is An API Key? Why And When To Use API Keys

Before we get into what is an API key, let’s recall what an API is. An Application Programming Interface specifies how different software components communicate with one another and are used to develop software. They manage requests sent between programs, the methods used to send those requests, and the data formats employed. SOAP vs REST are the two main types of APIs. Now that you know…
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