How You Can Make Money By Automating News Website

In the internet age, information is constantly being updated and published rapidly. This has increased the demand for content writers who can keep up with the constant flow of information. However, there are only so many hours a day, and manually writing articles can be very time-consuming. So how can you make money from this constant news stream without burning yourself out? The answer is simple…
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How To Automate News Scraping With Python And APIs

What is mediastack, and What Makes it a Reliable Resource? mediastack collects and aggregates news data from thousands of global sources. After that, it converts it into a standardized and machine-readable format and delivers it to developers in straightforward and lightweight JSON format. In addition, the mediastack API searches millions of news articles in real-time and accesses…
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How To Create A News Web App In Node.js With A Media API?

We have been exploring different APIs from the apilayer. In one of the demonstrations, we have utilized Node.js to scrape data from web pages. In this post, we will use Node.js and MediaStack API to create a news web app. So this Node.js web app connects to the MediaStack API and shows results in a user-friendly way with Express, EJS, Axios, and some CSS! Another great API that can be…
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5 APIs You Can Use To Collect Business Intelligence

In recent years, where more and more technological innovations are taking place, data has appeared to be an essential by-product. According to research, every day we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data on average. This data, if studied and analyzed properly, can provide…